Mombacho, Patina and Mo


Mombacho Cigars S.A. has announced today that Mo Maali has been named the company’s National Sales Manager.

“I’m thrilled to have Mo on board. His experience in the cigar industry will bring strength to the Mombacho Cigars organization and his extreme passion for our brands is endless. Mo has the knowledge and personality to guide our sales team and I wish him all the best,” said Mombacho President and Master Blender Claudio Sgroi.

Maali broke into the cigar industry in 2014 with the Sultans of Smoke website and podcast. He then moved to the retail side of the industry as the manager of Casa de Puros in Forest Park, IL. In his role as National Sales Manager, Mo will oversee the growth of Mombacho Cigars in the American market.

“I am looking forward to representing Mombacho on a national level,” Maali said. “Mombacho is a brand on the rise and I am excited to help take the brand to the next level. People need to know Mombacho and people need to know Claudio. The bottom line is, we have great people making great cigars and we want to share them with cigar smokers everywhere.”

In addition to his role as National Sales Manager, Maali is also the owner of Patina Cigars – which are made at Mombacho’s factory. Patina Cigars are the first cigars out of Mombacho’s factory Casa Ravioli Casa Favilli that feature tobaccos from outside of Nicaragua. Patina Cigars will have a formal market debut in May, 2017.

SoS Coffee

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All of the SoS Coffee will be produced in the same fashion to insure a quality product every time you order from us.

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EPC Short Run 2016



Rating – (8) Expendables
Strength – (2-3) sly
Vitola – Toro 6″ x 52
Price – $10
Wrapper – Ecuador Habano
Binder – Nicaragua
Filler – Nicaraguan long fillers, including some Criollo ’98 leaf from the Somoto region of Nicaragua
Drink – Dr. Pepper slushy

Back at it again, EPC always gets it done in my opinion. Great smooth start, excellent burn, very good rich flavors. The tobaccos in the filler are on the rarer side of things and have some good age to them, you tell right away with how the flavors all mix well and with no harshness to them. They come in boxes of 10 and only made 2,500 boxes so if you can get ahold of them I would highly suggest trying this one. Pick a few up and smoke em while you got em.

Royale Maduro XX by Serino


Rating – (8) Expendables
Strength – (2-3) Sly
Vitola – sublime 6 1/4×54
Price – ?
Wrapper – Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro
Binder – Jalapa (Nicaraguan)
Filler – Esteli, Jalapa (Nicaraguan)
Drink – Dr. Pepper

Fired this one up thanks to Carson for sending it my way as well as his chat this past Sunday on Cigar Noise, it is always fun to talk to other manufaturers in the industry and get to know see their thinking process.  Carson is a really cool guy and has some amazing cigars to go along with it all.  The Royal Maduro XX was very smooth and for anyone looking to start smoking maduro cigars this one or the Royal Maduro would be a great place to start.  Great leather and chocolate flavors throughout, the smoke was wonderful, great for a car smoke if needed. Due to the Jalapa in both the binder and filer it gives the cigar some pepper taste to it.

Box worthy?  They come in boxes of 20 so this one would be great to be able to share with some friends and not to strong for the guy that maybe doesn’t smoke often.


Torra Habano by Illustrious Goodfellas


Price – Submitted by Illustrious Goodfellas for review ($7.50 retail)

Vitola – Short Perfecto (4 7/8 X 54)

Beverage – Coffee w/cream and Bottled Water

Strength – Demi/Sly (2.5/4)

Rating – Rambo (7/10)


Wrapper – Ecuadorian Habano

Binder – Dominican

Filler – Nicaraguan/Dominican

I know what you’re asking yourself, are those Jordan XII’s that he’s wearing? Yes they are, from the original retro release in 2004. So Illustrious Goodfellas is an outfit out of Jacksonville, FL that makes and distributes the Torra brand of cigars (you can check them out here They sent us some samples to try out and I decided to start with the habano.

1) Excellent construction, good draw, good burn

2) When the wrapper is an Ecuadorian Habano, there’s that likelihood you’re in a for a fuller strength smoking experience and the Torra did not disappoint. Rookies approach with caution and veterans are good with some food.

3) Some cocoa and a lot of spice on this bad boy, excellent flavors

4) My smoke time was 50 minutes

Now to the two questions:

1) Would I smoke it again? Yes

2) Would I give it humidor space? Yes

I had no idea what to expect when we got these cigars, but I came away really enjoying the Habano. I’m not a huge fan of the price point on the cigars, but the quality and taste don’t make you regret paying it. If you have the chance to smoke the Torra Habano by Illustrious Goodfellas do your taste buds a favor and do it.


Nicaragua (Box Press) by Davidoff


Price – $17

Beverage – Coffee/Bottled Water

Vitola – Box Pressed Toro (6 X 52)

Strength – Demi/Sly (2.5/4)

Rating – Rambo (7/10)


Wrapper – Habana Oscuro

Binder – Habana Jalapa (Nicaraguan)

Filler – Ometepe, Condega, Esteli (Nicaraguan)

I was very excited to try the Nicaragua box pressed, so I bought one at Casa de Montecristo to smoke on the spot and kept one tucked away for a month for a re-visit before writing a review. Here are my thoughts:

1) Excellent draw with no wrapper issues. One issue I did have with both cigars I smoked were re-lights. Now with that said, I did smoke both cigars slow which could have contributed some, but the amount of times I had to relight did feel a bit excessive.

2) Not overly stout on the strength scale, but it isn’t light either.

3) The Nicaragua really shined and left its mark on me in the flavor department. On first light, I got some nice sweetness which captured my attention. You can also expect some pepper, earth, and cocoa notes throughout the cigar.

4) My smoke time was about an hour and twenty minutes for each cigar.

Now to the two questions:

1) Would I smoke it again? Yes

2) Would I give it humidor space? Yes

Davidoff cigars command premium prices and the box press Nicaragua is no exception. Bottom line, this is a good cigar and one that I would smoke and purchase again without hesitation.

Sun Grown No. 2 by H. Upmann


Price – Provided by Famous Smoke Shop for review (5 pack for $24/$4.80 a stick) Buy the Sun Grown No.2 at Famous!

Beverage – Bottled water/Sugar Free Red Bull

Vitola – Torpedo (6 1/4 X 52)

Strenght – Demi (2/4)

Rating – Sabotage (6/10)

Make up:

Wrapper – Ecuadorian Sun Grown

Binder – Connecticut Broadleaf

Filler – Nicaraguan/Honduran

This was my first rendezvous with the Upmann Sun Grown, here are my thoughts:

  1. Good construction, burn, and easy draw
  2. Solid medium cigar
  3. A smoker can expect mostly wood and spice
  4. My smoke time was 1 hour and 40 minutes

Now to the two questions:

  1. Would I smoke it again? No
  2. Would I give it humidor space? Yes

Ok so you’re probably scratching your head at this point. You’re thinking why would I give it humidor space if I wouldn’t smoke it again? The answer is although the Sun Grown wasn’t necessarily my style, it is a great step above an introductory cigar for newer smokers or for buddies who smoke once in a while that want a little extra flavor. Overall I enjoyed the Sun Grown, but feel it is better suited for smokers who enjoy more medium strength/body cigars.

Buy the Sun Grown No.2 at Famous!

Cote d’Or by L’atelier (Review by Abe)


Price- MSRP $16

Beverage- Pepsi

Size – 7 x 47 Semi-Boxed Pressed Churchill

Strength- (3/4) – Sly

Rating- 6.5 / 10 – (Sabotage/Rambo)

Blend Details:

Wrapper- Sancti Spiritus (Ecuador) — AKA Criollo x Pelo De Oro Hybrid

Binder- Nicaraguan

Filler- Nicaraguan w/ Pelo de Oro

Many people refer to me being a huge Tat guy, and I won’t lie I am! However the L’atelier line, which is the brain child of Pete Johnson, K.C Johnson, Casper Johnson, and Dan Welsh has always been hit or miss in my book. When L’atelier released their ultra premium yet limited offering in the format of a Churchill with the very rare and tasty Pelo de Oro, I was all in. Initially when the cigar came out I was unimpressed however this stick is definitely one that is aging well and is continuing to develop for the better.

The Experience-

As I light and begin my first draw I receive a taste of Cocoa, white pepper and a light hay profile. The oily maduro Sancti Spiritus, the same used in the LAT SS line, is very prominent in this blend. Early last year the notes would have been meatier and almost mesquite. Like the SS, this too has very good mouth feel and the flavors really coat your entire palette. The retro in this cigar has that classic pepin spice, but with added complexity. I’ve had the chance to smoke a pelo de oro purrito and this is spot on, really awakens your nostrils and gives innocent bystanders a beautiful aroma I cant seem to pinpoint. At the half way mark now, and the cocoa remains, but with added earth and natural tobacco sweetness. As the cigar reaches the end not much has changed except for what I consider a slight grassy/ meaty note, with the nicotine strength really having amped up. This cigar is not showing signs of mellowing out. Definitely glad I have sugar in my Pepsi to keep me from getting the sweats.

Construction- Superb

Flavor Notes- Cocoa, Hay, Meat, Oak, White Pepper

Smoke time- 1hour 50 minutes

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Sitting on almost full box, however I would suggest picking up a few, one to smoke and some to age.

L’atelier’s most pricey cigar, yes. L’atelier’s best offering, not at all. This is where the problem lies with L’ateliers first iteration of Cote d’or, it is somewhat of a disappointing offering. However there are high costs associated with pelo de oro and I think age has made this cigar better, and I will bet a few years from now people will be seeking these out. In 2016 Cote ‘d Or will make a return. I’ve had the chance to smoke a pre release same blend, different primings, and that in my opinion is worth every penny. If you see the 2015’s at a discount, make the jump and give it a try!

Zombie Green by Viaje (Review by Abe)


Price- MSRP $11

Beverage- Coke

Size – 5 x 52 Perfecto

Strength- (3/4) – Sly

Rating- 6 / 10 – Sabotage

Blend Details: Nicaraguan Aganorsa

Wrapper- Criollo

Binder- Nicaraguan

Filler- Nicaraguan

In the guest podcast, I shared my grievances of Viaje’s unwillingness to disclose blend information. While that does irritate me, I still find enjoyment in trying new sticks even if I am flying in completely blind. In 2015/2016 we have a lot of choice on what to smoke, we truly are in a golden era. With FDA regulation looming, these LE’s may one day be a thing of the past.

The blend, after some research seems to be the same as in years prior, but different farm vintages. This means if you’ve smoked it in years prior you will definitely notice a change due to different growing conditions that are present in farm grown products.

The Experience-

As I light and begin my first draw I receive a taste of a very tart and citrusy fruit. Whoa, wasn’t expecting that from Criollo, or Aganarosa tobacco to be specific. As I continue to retro and smoke, I get a good amount of that Viaje un-refined spice in the retro, and that fruit is spot on with Grapefruit! Now that’s something new I haven’t yet tasted in a cigar. The second half, I still taste the same amount of citrus, but with some added white pepper and some slight hay notes. With the spice on the retro hardly changing. As the cigar nears the end, I start to get a significant profile change, with some added nuttiness, and some creaminess and maybe a pinch of cocoa.

Construction- Superb

Flavor Notes- Grapefruit, Citrus, Hay, White Pepper, Nuts

Smoke time- 1hour 10 minutes

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? I wouldn’t mind a fiver to see how they would age. Viaje is a hit or miss for me. I smoked this the week it came in, not sure if it was still young or if this was the intended experience. As it stands now, I am curious to see if the citrus was a one off, or if it will develop into something else. Some Viaje I’ve seen get better with age others…well not so much. I enjoyed the fact that this was something new, and something different. A nice change of pace cigar, but perhaps not something I will find myself reaching for often. Even though it wasn’t the most complex cigar, I am looking forward to seeing how this will develop or change in the upcoming months.


2015 Limited Edition by E.P. Carrillo


Rating – (9) Rocky IV
Strength – (3-4) Arnold
Vitola – 6×54
Price – $15.25
Wrapper – Connecticut broadleaf
Binder – Nicaragua
Filler – Nicaraguan
Drink – Dr. Pepper

Well another amazing EPC you need to get your hands on right away.  So, I have waited to review this one until I had smoked a few more, not because I was unsure of my stance on the review, but because I wanted to get them smoked before anyone else could buy them.  These are amazing and if you were around to smoke EPC 2012 it’s going to be similar.  Once again always amazing quality from anything EPC, the first light is smooth and sweet.  The Connecticut Broadleaf has a wonderful sweet Maduro taste to it and is offset with the wonderful (earthy)  flavors from the Nicaraguan binder and filler. I know we always talk about the rating of a cigar depending on the price and this one is what I would say is on the high side of things but it is a limited edition and for me that makes it worth it,  so once I have bought them all you will not be able to get them again. Buy them while you can!