The King is Dead by Caldwell Cigar Co.


Price – Gifted by my BOTL Jared ($8-9 online)
Beverage – Bottled Water
Size – Premier (Robusto – 5 X 50)
Strength – Demi (2/4)
Rating – Rambo (7/10)


Wrapper – Negrito Dominicano – 2008
Binder – Corojo Dominicano – 2006
Fillers – Corojo Ligero Dominicano 30% – 2006, Negrito Viso Dominicano 20% – 2008, HVA 20/20 50% – 2010

This is the second cigar that I’ve smoked as a result of the epic bomb that my BOTL Jared sent me and also my second foray into the Caldwell collection. Here are my thoughts:

1) Good burn, draw, and construction…zero complaints from a performance perspective. This is a departure from the Long Live the King, where it did have a tighter draw.

2) I found the Long Live the King to be considerably more stout, whereas the King is Dead is a solid medium stick and shouldn’t throw you for a loop regardless of tolerance level.

3) I detected some cedar and spice. Additionally, similar to the Long Live the King, there was that straight tobacco taste.

4) My smoke time was one hour and ten minutes

Now to the two questions:

1) Would I smoke it again? Yes

2) Would I give it humidor space? Yes

I really enjoyed the King is Dead and found it to be another solid medium option to add to your arsenal. The two Caldwells that I have smoked have offered lots of flavor at more than reasonable prices, definitely a brand to try if you have not. Thanks again to my man Jared, until next time friends!

4 thoughts on “The King is Dead by Caldwell Cigar Co.”

  1. Good review, personally this stick wasn’t for me, tried it twice and didn’t care for it. Long Live the King, and the Eastern Standard were both amazing. I am a fan of Caldwell overall, def didn’t like this one though.

    1. Thanks for checking in brother. Sometimes you like multiple offerings from a company and there’s one or two that just don’t do it for you. – Mo

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