Zombie Green by Viaje (Review by Abe)


Price- MSRP $11

Beverage- Coke

Size – 5 x 52 Perfecto

Strength- (3/4) – Sly

Rating- 6 / 10 – Sabotage

Blend Details: Nicaraguan Aganorsa

Wrapper- Criollo

Binder- Nicaraguan

Filler- Nicaraguan

In the guest podcast, I shared my grievances of Viaje’s unwillingness to disclose blend information. While that does irritate me, I still find enjoyment in trying new sticks even if I am flying in completely blind. In 2015/2016 we have a lot of choice on what to smoke, we truly are in a golden era. With FDA regulation looming, these LE’s may one day be a thing of the past.

The blend, after some research seems to be the same as in years prior, but different farm vintages. This means if you’ve smoked it in years prior you will definitely notice a change due to different growing conditions that are present in farm grown products.

The Experience-

As I light and begin my first draw I receive a taste of a very tart and citrusy fruit. Whoa, wasn’t expecting that from Criollo, or Aganarosa tobacco to be specific. As I continue to retro and smoke, I get a good amount of that Viaje un-refined spice in the retro, and that fruit is spot on with Grapefruit! Now that’s something new I haven’t yet tasted in a cigar. The second half, I still taste the same amount of citrus, but with some added white pepper and some slight hay notes. With the spice on the retro hardly changing. As the cigar nears the end, I start to get a significant profile change, with some added nuttiness, and some creaminess and maybe a pinch of cocoa.

Construction- Superb

Flavor Notes- Grapefruit, Citrus, Hay, White Pepper, Nuts

Smoke time- 1hour 10 minutes

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? I wouldn’t mind a fiver to see how they would age. Viaje is a hit or miss for me. I smoked this the week it came in, not sure if it was still young or if this was the intended experience. As it stands now, I am curious to see if the citrus was a one off, or if it will develop into something else. Some Viaje I’ve seen get better with age others…well not so much. I enjoyed the fact that this was something new, and something different. A nice change of pace cigar, but perhaps not something I will find myself reaching for often. Even though it wasn’t the most complex cigar, I am looking forward to seeing how this will develop or change in the upcoming months.