Royale Maduro XX by Serino


Rating – (8) Expendables
Strength – (2-3) Sly
Vitola – sublime 6 1/4×54
Price – ?
Wrapper – Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro
Binder – Jalapa (Nicaraguan)
Filler – Esteli, Jalapa (Nicaraguan)
Drink – Dr. Pepper

Fired this one up thanks to Carson for sending it my way as well as his chat this past Sunday on Cigar Noise, it is always fun to talk to other manufaturers in the industry and get to know see their thinking process.  Carson is a really cool guy and has some amazing cigars to go along with it all.  The Royal Maduro XX was very smooth and for anyone looking to start smoking maduro cigars this one or the Royal Maduro would be a great place to start.  Great leather and chocolate flavors throughout, the smoke was wonderful, great for a car smoke if needed. Due to the Jalapa in both the binder and filer it gives the cigar some pepper taste to it.

Box worthy?  They come in boxes of 20 so this one would be great to be able to share with some friends and not to strong for the guy that maybe doesn’t smoke often.