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Finding the right cigar for you

Mo – You walk into a cigar shop and a well meaning owner or employee will inundate you with details about a cigar and all its attributes that they’re basically just regurgitating because they read it somewhere or heard someone else say it. They might say something along the lines of, “it has a wonderful hint of cocoa blended with this and that”.

I am not an artist or literature buff type guy that wants this breakdown of what a cigar may or may not have a hint of, I want to know if it’s good and worth my money. The questions I alway ask someone is: 1) Have they smoked it and what they thought 2) If they answer yes and say they liked it, I will then ask them what kind of cigars they typically smoke. This second point can work either way depending on whether your taste is similar to theirs or not, if a guy has different taste than me and didn’t like it, I might be more likely to try it and vice versa. 3) Be open to suggestions, try to figure out their angle, sometimes guys know a cigar is horseshit but will try to push it because they have some sort of other agenda.

If you’re new to cigars, keep an open mind and try a wide range of cigars to try and hone in on your particular taste, don’t worry about what everyone else is smoking, be you!

This is not at all meant to disparage those folks that do enjoy knowing what a cigar has in it or whatever else, everyone is different and that is the beauty of cigar smoking. How do you all go about finding the right cigar?

Drew – to add my take on all of this Mo is correct try stuff if you light it up and hate it don’t waste your time put it out and get something else. You will find your sweet spot only by trying stuff.

The second part of my enjoyment of a cigar for me is who I am smoking with. One of your favorite cigars is always way better with the right company.