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Steel by 601 for Famous Smoke Shop


Price – Compliments of Cigar Dojo (Roughly $6.50 normally)

Beverage – Dunkin Donuts Coffee w/Cream

Strength – Demi (2/4)

Rating – Rambo (7/10)

As a thank you for buying countless bundles of Sarsaparillas (you can see Drew’s review on those), the Cigar Dojo gifted us some free 601 Steel cigars. These cigars were made by Erik Espinoza exclusively for the Famous Smoke online cigar shop.

I have smoked two other 601 cigars, the La Bomba and the Warhead and enjoyed both. Additionally, the La Zona boys made the Sarsaparilla so I figured that this thing had a solid chance of being good. I smoked the Girder (Toro) size and here are my thoughts:

1) Really smooth cigar, with wonderful flavor transitions. There were times where it reminded me of the Sarsaparilla, which is a very good thing.

2) This is billed as a full body cigar, but I think it’s a solid Demi and I could see it as a low level Sly for some smokers, but this is by no means a grab a garbage can before you smoke it cigar.

3) It’s not a cigar that will make you say “oh my God I need to smoke this all the time”, but you could have these at a wonderful price, and they make for a good, solid affordable smoke. Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke this again? Absolutely, I have a churchill size called the Spike as well waiting for me.

Would I give it humidor space? At this price point and what you’re getting, it’s hard to argue against getting a couple of these and keeping them around.


It is my understanding that you could only buy these through the Famous Smoke Shop, I would hope that they eventually get wider distribution. I think the Steel would make a wonderful entry cigar for someone looking to build their strength tolerance at a great price point.

Buy the 601 by Steel here!