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Hanging with Zade of 708 Cigars


Well I’m sure as hell not going to win any beauty contests but as you can see above it’s a picture of Zade of 708 Cigars and me at Hollywood Smokes in Tinley Park, IL. It was a pleasure meeting you my man and we sincerely wish you the best of luck in growing your amazing cigar brand. If anyone has any questions on how to get some 708 cigars, please let us know.

Barber Poll by 708 Cigars


Price – Compliments of Hassan and Hussein at Hollywood Smokes

Rating – Rambo

So I’m at Hollywood Smokes for my weekly Sunday cigar purchase where I typically load up for the coming week because I don’t want to smoke the stuff I have aging in my humidor. So I’m at the checkout and Hussein is like, “hey you liked that 708 Maduro, try this one” and gives me what I came to find out is called the Barber Poll, a bigger size Maduro, and a 708 Maduro like the one in my previous review. When I saw the cigar, I was instantly intrigued by the wrapper and thought well this is cool, I’ll give that a shot.

As my second week of cigar exploration continues, I’ve tried not to smoke my normal Ligas, Nica Rusticas, Opus, etc and have tried to focus on new cigars in hopes of identifying more go to choices. My definition of a go to cigar is one which you smoke upon purchase, rather than stock away in your humidor for aging purposes. This Barber Poll definitely fits the bill of a go to cigar for me. It’s not a full body cigar like I normally prefer, but this isn’t a mild cigar by any means either. it’s a nice blend and is a good smooth smoke. We now move to the two big questions:

Would I smoke this again? Absolutely

Would I give it humidor space? This is a tough one because overall, the 708 Maduro fits my taste profile better, so if I had to choose, it would probably be the Maduro. Either way, one of them would get some temporary space before I smoked it.

Bottom line is this, these guys may not have the brand recognition (a more intricate, eye catching band may help though) of a CAO, Guhrka, or Rocky Patel, etc, but they make some damn good cigars and I would take the 708 Maduro or Barber Poll over those three makers any day of the week. If you haven’t tried a 708 because you’ve never heard of them, give them a shot, I think you will enjoy the smoke (sorry if I sound like a homer, but the 708 is where I’m from!)

Until next time my friends – Mo

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708 Maduro by 708 Cigar

Price – Compliments of my boy Hussein at Hollywood Smokes in Tinley Park, IL

Beverage – Bottled Water

Rating – Rambo


I’m going to start by saying that I had zero, zilch, none, not even one iota of what to expect when I fired this cigar up. Quick recap of how I even ended up with this cigar. I’m checking out at Hollywood Smokes with my haul for the night that included various cigars and the guy in front of me purchased a 708 cigar, which I believe was the 708 Connecticut since it was a light colored cigar. I told Hussein that I thought it was interesting they were called 708 since that’s the zip code of the south Chicago ‘burbs. Hussein went on to tell me that they are sold by a local guy who goes down to the Dominican to have them hand rolled and sells them at various establishments in the area, unfortunately I do not remember his name and he said I’ll give you one to try and knowing my taste set me up with the maduro.

This cigar turned out to be pretty damn good and I smoked it down until it almost burnt my fingers, you know, because I wanted to make sure I can give as accurate of an assessment as possible :). Strength wise, I’d say it’s one step below a Luchador by Leccia or a Papagayo by San Cristobal and the taste is pretty comparable, a tad less tasty maybe. I have no idea how much these cigars run, but I’d be willing to pay up to $9 or $10.


As I said, this cigar surprised the heck out of me, it is good. So now for the two main questions: Would I smoke it again? Yes and is it worth humidor real estate? Ya, I’d keep one in the humidor in that $9-$10 range. They come in two other strengths which are the 708 Connecticut (light) and the 708 Habano (mild), but I’m sticking with the maduro. Blackhawks beat the Lightning in a shootout and I expanded my cigar choices so it was a good night.

Drew – I would like to add that I smoked one of these just this past week and really loved it. It was a little bigger vitola then I normally smoke but was a damn good cigar. I have more in my humidor and will be smoking them again for sure.

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