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Double Chateau Maduro by Arturo Fuente


Price – Submitted by Famous Smoke Shop (5 pack for $28.99 at Famous Smoke Shop)
Beverage – Dunkin Donuts Coffee (Black)
Size – Double Corona (6 3/4 X 50)
Strength – Demi (2/4)
Rating – Expendables (8/10)

Wrapper – Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder/Filler – Dominican

I can’t remember the last time I smoked a Fuente that wasn’t an Opus or an Anejo (I think it was the King T that I previously reviewed), so when Famous asked us to review the Double Chateau, I was excited. Here are my thoughts:

1) Great burn, excellent construction, however the draw was a little tight at points.

2) Solid to upper level Demi. I was able to smoke this after a bagel and banana breakfast, iffy, but I ended up alright. Also, black coffee with this cigar really hit the spot for fellow coffee drinkers.

3) I tasted a little sweetness, almost licorice like along with some pepper.

4) My smoke time was one hour and 35 minutes.

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Yes, and this stick is borderline box worthy. If not box worthy, picking up a 5er at under $6 is a no brainer (good thing for me because I don’t like thinking).

Today it seems that the Tatuajes, Crowned Heads, Drew Estates and the like are stealing a lot of the headlines with their great cigars and in many cases, rightfully so. If those are the Ferraris, Lambos, and Porsches, then smoking a Fuente is like pulling up to a get together in a resto-modded 1967 Chevelle SS. It may not have the flash or hip factor (Opus excluded here), but it no doubt screams of a BOTL/SOTL knowing their cigars. As mentioned above, the price point in conjunction with the taste and quality makes this a great smoke at an excellent value. Do yourself a favor and get the Chateau Maduro as a go to humidor staple. The cigar stalwart delivers again with the Chateau.

Pick some up over at Famous Smoke Shop!

God of Fire Serie B 2010 by Arturo Fuente


Price – $20

Beverage – Fresh squeezed pomegranate juice

Strength – Sly (3/4)

Rating – Expendables (8/10)

Saturday night rolls around and hanging out with Hassan and Hussein and I grab the God of Fire and said let’s do this. The God of Fire is made by Fuente, and this particular one is the Gran Toro, luxuriously wrapped in a rich looking Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper. I don’t often comment on cigar bands, but the band on this thing is something to behold. It is ornate, complete with a picture of Prometheus, the champion of mankind in Greek mythology.

This is no doubt a strong cigar, not one to be smoked on an empty stomach. I’m calling it an upper level Sly, but this definitely is Arnold territory for a lot of smokers. Right off the bat, you definitely taste a little cocoa and it’s just a rich, smooth smoking experience. The pomegranate juice interacted in a very interesting way in my opinion as it had a kind of bittersweet taste offsetting the cocoa like taste from the God of Fire. Without further ado, let’s get down to the two main questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? This is definitely worthy of humidor space, so yes

The God of Fire is a great full body, flavorful cigar and would get a Rambo IV rating from me if not for the hefty price tag. If you like the Anejo or Anejo Shark, I really feel like this cigar is up your alley (granted the God of Fire is about $7/stick more). As Drew would say, you know it’s good if you can smoke it to your fingers, and this thing just kept getting better all the way to the end. These don’t come cheap, but if you’re feeling ambitious, grab a God of Fire and smoke it.

Casa Cuba (Doble Cinco) by Arturo Fuente


Rating – (6) Sabotage
Strength – (2) Demi
Price – $8-10
Drink – Dr. Pepper


This cigar was actually the pre release from 2013 and has been ageing in the humidor for about a year, but you can find these around in the regular release now as well. I have smoked several of these and they are always consistent, exactly what you would expect from Fuente. This one is on the milder side for me but still a great smoke. If you can get ahold of these you should buy them up, they are a great quick smooth cigar to smoke anytime. Here is a little background on the cigar as well. Casa Cuba

King T (Maduro) by Arturo Fuente


Price – Compliments of my boy Jacob at Tobacco Express in Homer Glen, IL ($11.50 sticker price)

Strength – Bruce (1/4)

Rating – Bullet to the Head (5/10)

First off, I’d like to thank Jacob at Tobacco Express for gifting me this stick on my first visit to your shop. Rommy, Jacob, and Jay run a first class outfit up in Homer Glen, IL, a must visit.

It’s no secret I love Fuente cigars, I mentioned in my review on the LFD Oro how I came across this cigar and now to my thoughts. The stick comes in a really cool tube as seen in the picture and I chose the Maduro, believe it also comes with a milder wrapper, but I will say this is a light cigar for me so I gave it a Bruce. For some however, this might be a Demi, but not much stronger than that. I open up the tube and cigar has some plume on it and I’m excited. This is a wonderfully flavorful cigar and did not disappoint in that regard, but I did have some issues with it.

1. Construction wasn’t that great, it died out on me a couple times and started to split apart as I got closer to the end of it, I’ve found this to be common when sticks sit in the tube too long, same problem I’ve seen with the LFD Oro.

2. This is supposed to be a maduro, but this is not a full body cigar by any means.

3. At $11.50, I spend an extra $1 and get the Don Carlos Presidente, smoother with better construction.

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? I’m torn on this because it is a very tasty cigar, but the price point makes it hard to justify. However, if I had a gun pointed to my head and had to make a decision, yes I would smoke this again.

Would I give it humidor space? No, this would be an in store smoke for me. If you do buy it and want to devote humidor space, I suggest taking it out of the tube and letting it sit for a little while, which in all fairness I did not do.

I really loved the flavor on this cigar, but at $11.50, as mentioned above, I spend an extra $1 and get the Don Carlos and that’s what really hurts my rating on this stick. Thanks again to the boys at Tobacco Express and I will be seeing you guys soon!

Also want to take a moment to thank all of the people who have been supportive of our efforts on this blog!

Opus X Lost City by Arturo Fuente


Rating – (10)Escape Plan
Strength – (3-4) Arnold
Price – $24
Drink – Dr. Pepper


This one is it for me this is the one and only one for me as far as cigars go. This is my absolute favorite smoke. I went to lunch with Big Jim and did a little cigar shopping for Black Friday, picked up a few cigars to send to Mo. We headed over to the Cigar Box on Cherry Street to hang out a bit and smoke. This cigar was made for the movie The lost City, tobacco was grown out of season just for the movie, and Fuente decided to make cigars out of the tobacco, what came next was this fantastic cigar. Very full bodied and strong with lots of flavor throughout. The cigar was such a hit that they now grow tobacco out of season just for these cigars, so if you can get your hands on some of them I encourage you to do so.

Opus X Perfecxion X by Arturo Fuente


Price – $13

Rating – Escape Plan (10/10)

Strength – Demi (2/4)

In honor the Expendables release, I am smoking the Pefecxion X. There is really not much to say except this is one of my absolute favorite cigars. I picked this up a couple weekends ago when I went nuts at Casa and spent way too much money.

This is a milder cigar, very smooth, and very flavorful. If you have never smoked an Opus, this is a great one to start with. It’s a good starter size and is not overly strong. For the price, this is the best cigar money can buy in my opinion, so with that being said, here we go:

Would I smoke this again? Everyday if I could

Would I give it humidor space? Yes, I have some in the humidor now and more on the way.

I hope our Opus night has motivated you to seek out and smoke one of these wonderful cigars. Enjoy my friends and thanks Sly for the Expendables series!

Opus X BBMF by Arturo Fuente


Rating – (10)Escape Plan
Strength – (3)Sly
Price – $60-$100
Drink – Dr. Pepper

Fired this bad boy up for the Opus for Expendables night.

My favorite vitola (size) of cigar. The BBMF or Big Bad Mother Fucker. I met up with Big Jim and Papa John tonight for our little gathering of Opus for Expendables night to all smoke some Opus for the release of the Bluray of the Expendables 3. Alright back to the cigar, this is where its at for me, one of my favorite cigars and my favorite vitola with friends to chat about nothing. It just doesn’t get any better. This is a full body cigar that changes as you smoke it due to the shape of it. If your not careful this one will put you down quick. I recommend eating a good full mean and sitting back with this cigar for the evening. The BBMF is kind of a rare vitola as well so if you can find them for a decent price then get some. This one was actually gifted to me by my buddy Randy. I would not suggest this be your first opus that you smoke, start with a regular size first and work up to this one. Honestly for my now it doesn’t get any better then this as you can tell by my next picture.


Oro 6 by La Flor Domincana and King T (Maduro) by Arturo Fuente


I wasn’t originally going to do a full blown rating on the Oro, but here we go:

Price – $13

Rating – Rambo IV (9/10)

Strength – Sly (3/4)

So tonight was pretty cool, I’m driving back to the Chicago area and a guy from Cigar Dojo had mentioned Tobacco Express in Homer Glen, IL as having some good cigars. I walk into their humidor and they have quite a selection, very impressive to say the least. All of a sudden I come across the LFD section and there she is, my golden princess, the Oro 6. I have not seen these at any cigar shop since I’ve moved back to Chicago from Tulsa a few months ago. I quickly grab two of them and continue to look around when I came across the King T. I start talking to Jacob about it and he says, “this one is on me, new customer, first purchase gets a cigar on me”. I said no way, but he did it anyway.

I’m excited to smoke the King T which will be a first for me and will eventually do a review. However, we must talk about the Oro, it is an amazing cigar, by far my favorite LFD and a must smoke in my opinion.

I first tried the Oro at Classic Cigar in Tulsa when I moved there back in 2012 and it quickly became my go to cigar. Drew even bought me a box of Oros for my birthday last year and in turn he became a big fan of the cigar as well. It really is an enjoyable smoke, but I will say it is not a light smoke and I definitely recommend a meal before smoking the Oro. Depending on your relative standing versus our standardized scale, I would say this could easily be an Arnold for a lot of people.

One of my complaints on the Oro however is that sometimes if it sits in the tube too long and is not proper humidified, it can dry out and will die out on you multiple times while you’re smoking. Now to answer my two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Any opportunity I can pretty much

Would I give it humidor space? Without a doubt

This is definitely on the more expensive side of what I would call “non-specialty” cigars, but if you can find it, buy it, smoke it, and enjoy my friends.

Between Tobacco Express and Hollywood Smokes, the southwest burbs are well taken care of. Thanks Jacob!

Don Carlos Presidente by Arturo Fuente


Price – $13

Beverage – Coffee w/Cream

Rating – Rambo

Disclaimer – I am not a photographer, nor do I pretend to be, but this is a crappy picture even for my standards, I apologize

When discussing cigars with people I’ve consistently compared the Ashton VSG to the Don Carlos not only in price, but in taste and strength as well.

Have you ever been in a situation where at the time, you’re like “why am I doing this, this is terrible, it sucks” and it’s a trying time for you (for me an example would be studying for the CPA exam)? Then you look back years later after the emotions have calmed down and you’re out of the moment and you’re like, “ah, that wasn’t so bad”, that’s kind of how the Don Carlos is, but reversed. I used to absolutely love this cigar and as I said, compare it to the VSG, but I don’t think that comparison can hold anymore.

The Don Carlos is a great cigar, but I’m going to be real, it’s not a VSG and at comparable price tags, the Don loses here. With that being said, it still gets a yes to my two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Absolutely

Would I give it humidor space? I bought two last night and one is going in the humidor, so ya, I’d keep one in a pinch.

If I had met someone who was first getting into cigars and didn’t mind spending a little extra coin, I would definitely say this makes a great starter cigar. The Don Carlos is a wonderful, smooth, and mild cigar that I think anyone would enjoy, but at that price tag, you can find comparable cigars much cheaper.

Anejo (shark) by Arturo Fuente

Anejo Shark by Arturo Fuente
Drink – sprite
Price – $12
Rating – Escape Plan


Drew – So I am going to start this review off backwards and show the finally pic of this cigar first. This cigar is always amazing and I really enjoy the shark size as well. They are hard to find and only come out twice a year. (Around Xmas and Father’s Day) this is such a good cigar that I always hate to ever put it down.

This one was actually from last Xmas and has just been sitting in my humidor taunting me to smoke it until tonight. It took me probably an hour and a half to smoke the whole thing and a few friends stopped in as well to help out with the conversation.


A good friend of ours and resident cigar guru Jeff came by tonight to add to the amusement of the evening. So back to the cigar it’s a damn good smoke buy them and smoke them. It is on the stronger side of the spectrum but always worth it.


I always say if it’s this good to be able to smoke it down until it’s close to burning your fingers it’s a good cigar.