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Las MaReas by Crowned Heads


Rating – (7) Rambo
Strength – (3) Sly
Vitola –
Price – $10
Wrapper – ?
Binder – ?
Filler – ?
Drink – Dr. Pepper

So this is actually the pre-release of this cigar that will be out next summer and we just happened to get them in this week at my local shop. Fired it up first thing, didn’t really know what to expect from it since I hadn’t heard anything about them. Great smoke from start to finish. If you can ahold of some of these now, do it! If not well wait until next year I guess. They were a very good cigar, I smoked it all the way to the nub.

J.D. Howard Reserve by Crowned Heads

Guest review by Brock

Strength – (2)Demi
Rating – (6) Sabotage
Vitola – 6 x 38 petit lancero
Price – $9
Wrapper – Brazilian Arapiraca
Binder – Ecuadorian Sumatra
Filler – Nicaragua
Drink -Water


I was wondering around the local shop and came across this cigar. I was going up and down the shelves trying to find something different and this little lancero caught my eye and I thought why not. The wrapper looks great, dark and oily from first glance it looked as good as any cigar could. The light and draw on this guy is perfect it’s going to be a quick smoke for most. The cigar itself after smoking it I think is a little harsh for me.. I think all the right flavors are there and with some age this could be, in a year or two, one of my favorite cigars. Ok down to the good stuff would I buy this again yes, I’m holding out faith that with age this cigar will be nails. Humidor space? Obviously by my last statement. Box worthy? I don’t know, I do find my drawn to the vitola and limited release so who knows, if you have some extra money now is the time.

Mason Dixon Project (North) by Crowned Heads


Price – $9
Beverage – Bottled Water
Size – Toro (6 X 52)
Strength – Sly (3/4)
Rating – Rambo (7/10)

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder/Filler: Nicaraguan

The Crowned Heads brand has really burst on the scene and made quite the impact, particularly with their Las Calaveras offering. We have reviewed a few and now get to the Mason Dixon Project North. Here are my thoughts:

1) Beautiful Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, good construction, good burn, and an easy draw

2) The North is a solid medium-full cigar. I didn’t smoke it on an empty stomach, but it wasn’t right after a meal either and I was fine.

3) I found the North to have an Earthiness to it along with some spice.

4) My smoke time was one hour and thirty-five minutes

Now to the two questions:

1) Would I smoke it again? Yes

2) Would I give it humidor space? Yes

I have yet to smoke the South version of this cigar, but the composition of the North fit my taste profile more and so I decided to smoke a couple of those. I really enjoyed this cigar and I think if you liked the Las Calaveras, Long Live the King by Caldwell, or some of the EP Carillo maduro offerings that you will enjoy the North. The North offers a good smoke at a fair price, I would encourage trying it and keeping a couple around in the humidor.

Four Kicks by Crowned Heads Sublime


Price – Generously gifted by Famous Smoke $8.40 at Famous Smoke Shop
Beverage – Coca-Cola
Strength – Demi (2/4)
Rating – Rambo (7/10)

Back of the baseball card stats:
Size: Toro (6 X 54)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder/Filler: Nicaragua

I waited two weeks after receiving these to fire up the first of the two we were sent and just smoked it again last night while I HERF’d with buddies at Casa de Montecristo. Here are my overall thoughts:

1) Good construction, nice and even burn, no issues with the draw.

2) Solid medium body, simple yet perfect description

3) I tasted a little sweetness and some spice

4) My smoke time was one hour and ten minutes

Now to the two questions:

1) Would I smoke it again? Yes

2) Would I give it humidor space? Yes, I actually have another one in the humidor now.

I’m going to flat out say that the first time I smoked the Four Kicks I was not impressed and the last third saved it for me. After letting the other one hang around in the humi for a month and revisiting, I was left far more impressed and would absolutely smoke this cigar again. Additionally, the Four Kicks is nice to have around in your humidor as a medium body option when you’re not in the mood to test your ability to keep food down. I will say that I would recommend letting the Four Kicks sit in your humidor for a little bit before firing them up based on my experience.

Thanks again to Famous Smoke Shop!

Buy this cigar over at Famous Smoke Shop!


Headley Grange by Crowned Heads


Price – $10
Beverage – Dr. Pepper
Size – Dobles (Toro 6.1 X 50)
Strength – Demi (2/4)
Rating – Bullet to the Head (5/10)

I’ve been wanting to try the Headley Grange for a while after continually seeing the Dojo boys firing these up. I really enjoyed Jericho Hill and here are my thoughts on the Headley:

1) Good construction, good burn, easy draw

2) The Headley is considered a medium-full stick, but I didn’t find it to be that strong. I’d call it a mid-level Demi for the veterans and upper level Demi for the guys approaching the end of their rookie contracts.

3) Flavor wise, I’d say the Headley has a bit of a nutty taste to it

4) Smoke time was about one hour for me

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? No

Would I give it humidor space? No

I now know what it feels like to be a Bears fan living in Green Bay. I was not a huge fan of the Headley and I have found that I am in the minority. This is the reason that it’s great that there are so many choices, some guys/ladies like some stuff and others don’t. I don’t know what threw me off, but at the price tag combined with me being left uninspired causes me to say that I would not smoke it again. This is by no means a bad cigar, just didn’t hit my palate the right way. If you’re a fan of nutty/leathery smokes you might like it more than I did. Until next time friends!

Just wanted to give a quick thank you to all the Dojo Brothers/Sisters that have visited our blog and supported us, we greatly appreciate it!

My thoughts on this cigar differ slightly, being in Oklahoma the price was a few $ cheaper so that helps greatly. I would prob rate this a 6/10, I think I would buy this one again, I am really becoming a fan of EP Carrillo though and that helps. I don’t think I would keep extra in the humidor but would pick them up if I was in the local B and M and needed something to smoke.