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Achilles Mirmidones by Curivari


Price – $8

Beverage – Coffee/Bottled Water

Size – Box Pressed Robusto (5.5 X 50)

Strength – 2.5/4

Rating – Expendables (8/10)


Wrapper – Mexican San Andres

Binder/Filler – Nicaragua

The Achilles was recommended to me by Omar at Casa de Montecristo in Countryside, IL. I have been impressed with the previous Curivari offerings I’ve smoked, here are my thoughts on the Achilles:

  1. Excellent burn, construction, and draw
  2. Stouter cigar, but no need for a garbage can, however a meal would help beforehand.
  3. The best way to describe the taste is, if you like the Illusione Rothchildes and Crowned Heads Jericho Hill, I think you would like the Achilles.
  4. My smoke time is one hour and fifteen minutes

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Yes, I’m calling the Achilles box worthy

This is pretty simple to explain, I really enjoy smoking the Achilles. If you’re a fan of the flavor profile found in the Rothchildes, Jericho Hill, etc then I believe you will enjoy smoking this cigar as well. In my humble opinion it is worth every penny and should be a humidor staple.

Gloria de Leon by Curivari


Price – Compliments of my boy Rob at Casa de Montecristo (retail approx $6.50 – $8)
Beverage – Coca-Cola
Size – Dominante (5 1/4 X 54)
Strength – Sly (3/4)
Rating – Rambo IV (9/10)

Wrapper – Nicaraguan with Authentic Cuban seed criollo and corojo
Binder/Filler – Nicaragua

So I’m sitting at Casa and my guy Rob heads upstairs and comes back and hands me the Curivari Gloria de Leon. I give it a look over, kind of like when you’re on the dealership lot looking over a car and I’m like cool let’s give it a go. Here are my thoughts:

1) Great construction, great burn, easy draw

2) I’d call this a low-level Sly for me and could be a solid Sly for most. This is a stronger cigar, but no need to pull the garbage can out from under the kitchen sink.

3) I light the Gloria up and this orange flavor just hits me and quickly disappears. This cigar is packed with coffee flavor throughout the entire smoke and I enjoyed it.

4) My smoke time was one hour and fifteen minutes.

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Yes, I’m calling the Gloria de Leon box worthy.

Rob, this was a great recommendation and thank you for the cigar. I really enjoyed smoking the Gloria de Leon and when you consider the value proposition this cigar becomes box worthy. Not only did I smoke one that night, but bought a couple more and shared them with friends the next evening at a Cigar Dojo Ninjas event. Seek these out and enjoy!