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Julius Caesar by Diamond Crown


Rating: Bullet to the Head

Drink: Chocolate Milk

All hail the great Caesar! Actually no, not really, there was nothing “great” about this cigar. In my opinion this cigar is the epitome of average, not much of a difference from how it started and how it finished. After smoking this last night and it being my first one, I’d say that the Caesar is by no means a bad cigar and I truly believe you will get some enjoyment from this smoke. If I had to compare it to something, I would liken it to a milder version of the Nica Rustica by Drew Estate. Here’s the sticky part, you’re looking at a $12 cigar here and the Nica is $7-8, I’m taking the Nica all day and not looking back. Overall, I like this cigar, would I marry it and bring it in to my humidor in quantity? No I wouldn’t at $12, but once in a while I’d fire one up in the event I just want a consistent and not overly strong cigar.