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Liga Privada Ratzilla by Drew Estate


Price – Gifted to me by my BOTL Cap M (Prices will vary on different forums, but don’t expect to pay less than $15)
Beverage – Ultra Blue Monster
Size – 6 1/4 X 46
Strength – Sly (3/4)
Rating – Rambo (7/10)

Internal Workings:
Wrapper: Connecticut River Valley Sungrown Habano
Binder: Brazilian
Filler: Nicaraguan/Honduran

I enjoyed the Dirty Rat, but found the Ratzilla more difficult to come by than a World Series ring on the North Side of Chicago. Luckily, my BOTL Ray aka Cap M generously gifted one to me and here are my thoughts:

1) Excellent construction, great burn, easy draw

2) Solid Sly on strength scale as most, if not all Liga Privada sticks tend to be on the stronger side of the fence.

3) Earthy smoke with a little bit of spice and mocha added in for good measure

4) My smoke time was one hour and twenty minutes

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Yes

The Ratzilla could easily be rated an Expendables, but it’s hard to get people to shake loose of these things so the premium price tag to own one can scare people away. I really enjoyed this cigar and it satisfied my Liga itch. If you liked the Dirty Rat and can find some, I would recommend grabbing a few Ratzillas to smoke and stock away in the humidor.

Until next time friends!

UF-4 by Drew Estate


Rating – (8)Expendables
Strength – (3) Sly
Price – exclusive to Casa De Montecristo Chicago for the Halloween Drew Estate event
Drink – Coffee


Mo’s brother pick these up for us last year and we have been waiting on a chance to review them together. So the skinny on the cigar, well here goes…… it’s a slightly different blend of the UF-13 as you have all heard, and would be hard to tell them apart even smoking them back to back. The good news about that is, it’s a good cigar but as we have stated before we find ourselves needing to really be in the mood for a Drew Estate cigar, it’s a full bodied smoke so make sure you get something to eat before you dig into this one. If you can get your hands on them give them a shot forsure. Would I smoke them again? Well I have 9 more stashed back in the humidor so I will be enjoying those at some point, and that obviously answers that they get humidor space.


I remember posting when we got these that I felt as excited as a little girl at a One Direction concert and the UF-4 didn’t disappoint. It’s a good cigar, as Drew said though, very similar to the UF-13. In my opinion the UF-4 is similar enough that I wouldn’t specifically seek these out if you can find the UF-13 easier. There were no surprises with the UF-4, you light it up, you know what to expect. The guys who like Ligas will like the UF-4 and the guys who find them too one dimensional won’t. Recently it seems like the DE cigars are becoming like the Dallas Cowboys or New York Yankees, people either love them or don’t like ’em and that in between seems to shrinking.

Herrera Esteli Norteno by Drew Estate


Price – $13
Beverage – Dr. Pepper
Size – Toro (6 X 50)
Strength – Sly (3/4)
Rating – Expendables (8/10)

Picked this bad boy up at Casa de Montecristo, first time with the Norteno and here are my thoughts:

1) Great construction, good draw, even burn

2) I would consider the Norteno to be a lower level Sly for me, but could see it smoking stronger for folks unaccustomed to full body cigars. Err on the side of caution, grab a meal before enjoying the Norteno.

3) This might catch people off guard, but when I smoked the Norteno, I felt it shared some characteristics with the Liga T52. It’s kind of like when you watch Kobe’s fadeaway jumper and you might get visions of 1998 Michael Jordan. However once you come to, you realize it’s just shades of Mike, not the real thing. The Norteno compares more with the cocoa tasting maduros that we have discussed in the past versus the spice bombs.

4) My smoke time was one hour

Now to the two questions:

1) Would I smoke it again? Yes

2) Would I give it humidor space? Yes

In my opinion, the Norteno allows you to have a Liga like experience at about $3 cheaper. I enjoyed the Norteno and it sure seems like I’m not alone. Personally, I still probably pay a few extra bucks and grab a Liga, but if those are unavailable, give the Norteno a shot.

L40 by Drew Estate


Price – $16
Beverage – Dr. Pepper
Size – Lancero (7 X 40)
Strength – Sly (3/4)
Rating – Rambo (7/10)

My first time with the L40 and here are my thoughts:

1) Great burn, great construction, easy draw. Similar to other DE offerings, the L40 is an industrial smoke stack.

2) Solid Sly on the strength as most Ligas are. One of the things about the Ligas is they pack a punch, but it’s not overbearing and that’s one of multiple reasons that keeps me coming back to them, the L40 is no different.

3) Taste wise, you can expect an experience that pulls from the No. 9 and the UF-13 in my opinion, a hybrid of sorts if you will.

4) My smoke time was 45 minutes, but I powered through it. The L40 is such an easy smoke that you get a lot further than you realize and bam before you know it you’re wrapping up.

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Yes

I have found myself getting to the point where the Liga offerings have such a unique taste that I need to be in the mood to smoke one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Liga fan, but in my opinion they are best enjoyed when truly in the mood for their taste profile as I find them to be too expensive for an everyday smoke. The price point takes it from an Expendables to a Rambo here, because quite frankly $16 for what amounted to a quick smoke for me is a lot of money. With all of that being said, this was a great cigar and if you want to smoke a Liga, you have to accept that you’re going to have to shell out some coin. If you have an opportunity, get one to smoke and a couple to keep around.

La Vieja Habana Brazilian Maduro By Drew Estate


Rating – (7-8) Expendables
Strength – (2-3)
Vitola – Rothchild Luxo 5×54
Price – $4
Drink – Water


Ok, wow! This one was given to me by the Tail, I met up with him to just to hang out for a bit and he passed this one over to me. First and formost this is less then $4!!!!! I had my doubts about it, but it is made by Drew Estate. It’s a good looking cigar, nice wrapper, very good construction, it cut well and on first light had wonderful taste and smoke. Smoke time on this one for me was about 45min or so. Onto the good stuff would I smoke this one again? Absolutely. Would I keep some in the humidor? This is actually going to be box worthy for me, look for $4 a stick, and being able to smoke it to the nub it’s good. Find these, buy them and smoke them and then buy some more.

Muwat Night Crawler by Drew Estate


Rating – (8) Expendables
Strength – (2-3) Demi
Vitola – Night Crawler
Price – $6
Drink – Dr. Pepper


This was cigar number two for the evening and it just made it even better. This little cigar was an awesome way to finnish up before our pizza showed up. This little smoke was awesome! Very smooth smoke, excellent burn, great flavor, and a hint of something I can’t describe but it was excellent. This cigar would deffinatly recommend to everyone, for the price pick up a few for a good drive cigar. These will be going into the humidor for sure.

Undercrown Flying Pig by Drew Estate


Price – Compliments of Hassan at Hollywood Smokes (Sticker $12-14)
Beverage – Dr. Pepper
Size – Flying Pig (3 15/16 X 60)
Strength – Sly (3/4)
Rating – Rambo (7/10)

I’m a Liga and Unico series fan, but I never really was into the Undercrown line for some reason. However, I decided to give the Flying Pig a shot and here are my thoughts:

1) Love the shape of this thing, basically a smaller Feral. A nice even burn, great construction, and it’s an industrial smoke stack to boot.

2) Definitely a solid Sly in terms of strength and could be an Arnold for guys not used to smoking stronger sticks. I would recommend a meal before firing up this or a regular Undercrown as they are rather strong cigars.

3) Had a peppery/citrus flavor to it, I really enjoyed the taste on this cigar.

4) My only complaint, and what knocks this to a Rambo instead of an Expendables is that you’re not getting a lot of cigar for the money and this was a quick 40 minute smoke for me.

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? As stated above the Undercrown Flying Pig is a little on the pricier side, especially when considering the size and quick smoke nature of the cigar. With that being said, similar to the Tat 7th Reserva, sticks like these play a role in any humidor as you always need good go to cigars that are quick. Bottom line, I’d keep a couple around.

The Undercrown Flying Pig is a good, strong, tasty cigar. I’m not crazy about the value proposition on this one, but if you need some quick smokes on the stronger side to round out your cigar team, this is an excellent option.

Anejo 18 by Balmoral Royal Selection


Rating – (7) Rambo
Strength – (3) Sly
Vitola – Torpedo MK52
Price – $13
Drink – Dr. Pepper and a Red Bull


I have been seeing these around and just havnt picked one up until last night. It’s a very good looking cigar, nice wrapper, with a great draw and smoke. This had just enough strength and excellent flavor to it. Me and Amber went to one of our B and M’s and fired it up. The $13 price tag is pushing it on this one, I have found them elsewhere for $10-12 and at that price they are definitely worth it. I would smoke this one again and would recommend that you try them for sure. I think I will probably be picking up a few for the humidor as well.

My Uzi Weighs a Ton (MUWAT) 6 X 60 Toro Gordo by Drew Estate and Subculture Studio


Price – Came with purchase of UF-4 Bundles (Normally $8-$9)

Beverage – Dunkin Donuts Coffee w/ Cream and a Touch of Sugar

Strength – Demi (2/4)

Rating – Bullet to the Head (5/10)

Well this was my first MUWAT and it sure seems to be a lightning rod, folks seem to feel strongly negatively or positively. A little background on this cigar, it’s a joint release between Drew Estate and Joya de Nicaragua, two brands that I enjoy. When I posted this on Dojo, it brought forth a wonderful discussion with my buddies who I would like to thank for giving me their opinions. Here are my thoughts:

1) Love the ring gauge, awesome burn and draw. This is not a smoke bomb like some Drew Estate cigars, which when you’re driving as I was, was very welcome.

2) Solid Demi, not overpowering, but not light either.

3) I would say this is quite different than the other Drew Estate cigars I’ve had. It is not as rich as the Ligas and Unicos and not as strong as the Nica.

4) Definitely had good flavor transitions, so that’s a positive. The negative is that I didn’t care for any of the flavors that were transitioned into or out of.

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke this again? No, but I do have two more that came as freebies with the bundle so I’m not sure what to do with them. Maybe I will give them another shot, who knows.

Would I give it humidor space? As of now they have some of my humidor space for the reason mentioned above, however I do not recommend actively seeking these sticks and giving them space.

The MUWAT is the perfect definition of what I call a “Purgatory Cigar”. It’s not strong, it’s not weak. It’s not a terrible price point, it’s not cheap either. It doesn’t make you want to put it out, but it’s not something you want to savor each puff either. Bottome line, it’s not good, it’s not bad. More than anything, I feel these are a victim of the Drew Estates hype machine. You light these things up and you expect gold, but the MUWAT was more Tungsten. The closest comparison I could think of is the L’Atelier ER13. Now I know the L’Ateliers have a following as they are rolled by Pete Johnson and his brother, but the ER13 was almost the first cigar that got the best of me to where I almost didn’t finish it. I know this may not be a popular take on the MUWAT, but this is how I felt. Until next time my friends!

Tabak Especial Colada by Drew Estate

This post is coming from our special guest reviewer Brandy the Sultana of Smoke

Brandy Sultana

Tabak Especial Colada
Price – $6.00
Rating –¬†(8) Expendables
Strength –¬†(2) Demi
Drink РPoinsettia 

Brandy and Amber

The first thing I noticed about this cigar is the sweet flavor of the wrapper. A hint of maple syrup comes to mind before its true flavor, which is a coffee flavor. It is a little sweet, but not sugary. In the first third, I feel the taste really set in. It has a smooth draw and it has a solid balance between not too light and a somewhat robust bouquet. I recommend this to anyone looking for a moderately bold cigar. It is mellow, yet full of flavor. By the last third, the taste is a little more woody. I would definitely smoke this again. My only regret is forgetting to punch the cap. The loose tobacco is slightly irritating and I would like to taste the wrapper more at the end.