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O.S.O.K. (One Shot One Kill) by Edgar Hoill


Rating – (3-4) T2
Strength – (2) Demi
Vitola – Cabron (6.5×60)
Price – $12
Drink – Dr. Pepper slushy


This one was gifted to me by the famous Papa Jon, it’s been sitting in my humidor since he gave it to me at Christmas just waiting to be smoked. Today was the day, and let me tell you it let me down greatly.

Let’s start with the positives of this cigar. So it’s band is really cool, the look of the cigar is awesome, it did burn really well and had a great smoke, and that’s where it ends. This cigar is mild and had a bad after-taste to it. The only thing that kept me going on this one was the slushy I was drinking. Now I don’t want to be all negative about it but ontop of all that it has a $12 price point. I dont really know much about this company and I hate to talk bad about this cigar but it had nothing to it, there was no flavor, no strength, and not worth $12. When a cigar goes over the $10 range I, and most cigar smokers, are expecting something pretty amazing to come out of it, we want it to be worth it and this one just is not. Would I smoke this again? Absolutely not. Papa Jon I’m sorry man lets try something else.