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Cellar Reserve (Perfecto) by Gurkha


Price – $10-13

Strength – Demi (2/4)

Beverage – Coffee

Rating – Bullet to the Head (5/10)

Drew and I had been asked by our buddy Brock to give one of these a shot and do a review on it. A little background on Brock aka Brocktail and how that name came about. Brock used to be the manager at Stogies Cigar Lounge in Broken Arrow, OK and a former bar tender at some point. Well anyway, they were real busy one day so rather than gracing Drew and I with his presence he went behind the bar to help out. Although he may not look like Tom Cruise, he was back there tossing bottles and taking names like Cruise in the movie Cocktail, thus the name Brocktail was created, complete with a poster that Drew made with his likeness (which we will post as well).

So I’m at Hollywood Smokes hanging out with Hassan on a nice, quiet Friday evening and I ask him if he has the Cellar Reserve and sure enough they did. I go grab one out of the humidor and sit down and I’m thinking to myself, “I can’t believe I’m giving Gurkha another chance”, ah the things we do for our buddies. I am not a big Gurkha fan, but I wanted to keep an open mind and here are my thoughts:

1) Gurkha says that all the Dominican tobacco used in this cigars has been aged for 15 years and I found this cigar to be smooth with a hint of spiciness.

2) I have heard of guys complain about the burn on this thing, but I did not experience any issues. Strength wise I’m calling it a Demi and I think most smokers would agree.

3) The cigar that came to mind when smoking this was the Fat Perfecto by Regius (which I reviewed earlier). They are at similar price points, but I found the Regius to have more taste and spice. The biggest complaint I have about the Cellar Reserve is a lack of complexity in the taste, it pretty much tasted the same the whole way through.

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Probably not, but if I did have to choose one Gurkha to smoke, this would be it

Would I give it humidor space? In my opinion it is not worth the price tag, so no

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised, this really is not a bad cigar. The biggest complaints I have about it are the lack of flavor complexity and I don’t think you get what you’re paying for with this stick and that’s what hurts my rating. Thanks for the suggestion Brock!