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Vudu Sacrifice No. 3 by J. Fuego Cigars


Price – Submitted by Famous Smoke Shop for review (Box of 19 for $56.99, $3/cigar!!)
Buy the Sacrifice at Famous Smoke!
Beverage – Bottled Water
Size – Robusto (4 3/4 X 50)
Strength – Bruce/Demi (1.5/4)
Rating – Sabotage (6/10)


Wrapper – Nicaraguan Corojo
Binder/Filler – Nicaraguan/Honduran

I had never smoked a J. Fuego cigar before this Sacrifice so I was quite excited prior to firing it up. This cigar is exclusive to Famous Smoke shop and here are my thoughts:

1) Good construction, good burn, good draw

2) The Sacrifice was a tweener for me. It wasn’t quite a medium, but wasn’t super light either. However, I could see it being a medium for a lot of folks.

3) On the light of the cigar you’re hit with a charcoal, almost BBQ like taste right off the bat. The cigar then transitions nicely into some other flavors. I detected fruit and some pepper.

4) Smoke time was one hour and ten minutes

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? No

Would I give it humidor space? No

So you’re saying to yourself wait Mo, you’re giving this a Sabotage rating, but you wouldn’t smoke it again or give it humidor space. In this instance, the answer to those questions is based on personal preference and not an indictment of the cigar.

I really feel the Sacrifice can fill multiple roles in your humidor and to be able to add some versatility at $3/stick definitely warrants a look. This is a great stick to build tolerance for new smokers and makes a good quick smoke for guys/ladies who prefer lighter sticks who find themselves in a time crunch. Overall solid cigar, worth a look if you like lighter smokes.

Buy the Sacrifice at Famous Smoke!

Until next time friends!