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Willy Lee by Jericho Hill


Price – $9.75

Strength – Demi (2/4)

Rating – Rambo (7/10)

Friday evening after a rather stressful week at work, my buddy Ben from Cigar Dojo and I decided to have a smoke together at Burning Leaf in Aurora, IL. Ben is a hell of a guy that I exchanged comments on cigars with, we became buddies and said, why not have a smoke together, so we did. For people who are now asking themselves, wait a minute, you and someone you never met decided to meet up and have a cigar together? The answer is yes, the power and brotherhood of the leaf boys and girls.

As customary, I like to give a little background on the establishment I smoked at as well. Jamal at Burning Leaf runs a wonderful establishment up in the Aurora/Plainfield, IL area. He has a wide range of cigars, including some boutique offerings that I have not seen at other cigar shops. Jamal, I appreciate the hospitality yesterday and really loved your set up over there, I will be back. If anyone is ever out in that area, I encourage you to stop in and check it out.

Now to the cigar itself, this is my first time with a Jericho Hill stick. I had seen many of the guys on Dojo firing these up, but could never find them until yesterday. Per Ben’s suggestion, I chose the Willy Lee and it did not disappoint. The Willy Lee comes beautifully wrapped in a Maduro wrapper with Nicaraguan fillers, which have become a favorite of mine it seems.

So I first fire this thing up and boom, first thing that comes to mind is the Maduro by Sindicato which I previously reviewed. The cigar almost had a cocoa like taste off the bat, this however did not last through the whole smoke. As I puffed through it, the flavor changed and it picked up a little strength in my opinion. I gave this a Demi because although a maduro, I didn’t find it overly strong like some other medium to full body sticks, but this could be bordering Sly territory for some smokers. Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Yes

I never used to really like box pressed cigars, but I’m starting to find a lot of them that I enjoy and this is no exception.
I’m not saying go out and buy a box of these, but I would suggest keeping a couple around, these are solid sticks at a more than fair price point (about $1-2 cheaper than the Sindicato).

Ben, had a great time brother, we have to do it again. Jamal, wonderful place and I will be seeing you soon and I encourage you to start carrying some 708 sticks up there as well! Until next time friends!