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Signature Series by Jose Seijas


Guest review by Brock

Rating – (6) Sabotage
Strength – (2) Demo
Vitola – Toro
Price – $10-12
Wrapper – Ecuador
Binder – Dom.Republic
Filler – D.R, Peru, Nicaraguan
Drink – Dr.Pepper

This cigar was recommended to me after smoking the Mi Dominicano. Jose Seijas is responsible for both as well as the Matilda line, which I also enjoy. I’ve become a fan of his and this cigar was on par with the rest. I would say the main difference was that this seemed a lot smoother, not lighter, just smoother. It burned really well and the strength stayed medium to full throughout without any complex changes. If I had to come up with a comparable cigar, I would have to go with the Mr.Sam by La Paulina. It is a great relaxing, after dinner smoke. I would recommend this to a friend with full confidence. I probably wouldn’t give this cigar humidor space, not because I didn’t enjoy it, but I have others that I prefer for the price.

Mi Dominicana by Jose Seijas



Rating – (7) Rambo
Strength – (4) Arnold
Vitola – Toro
Price – $9.50
Drink – coffee

This one was recommended by the one and only Brocktail, picked it up earlier today and fired it up while I was out splitting some fire wood. This one was stated to me that it was similar to an Opus X, so my thoughts about this cigar –

It’s a good looking cigar, great construction. On first light it has great smoke to it , the flavors are wonderful, I will say that it did remind me of a stronger but less smooth Opus X actually. I think these would be excellent with a little age to them to smooth them out a bit. I actually picked up a few of these to put back in the humidor to see how they age, so with that being said yes I will buy them again and yes they are in the humidor. I would definitely recommend that you pick a few up as a good alternative to the Opus line.