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La Nox by La Flor Dominicana


Price – $11
Beverage – Dunkin Donuts Coffee w/cream
Size – Toro Extra (6 1/2 X 50)
Strength – Demi/Sly (2.5/4)
Rating – Expendables (8/10)

Wrapper – Brazilian
Binder – Mexican San Andres
Filler – Dominican

I never thought I’d smoke an LFD that I enjoyed more than the Oro Maduro. I thought that the Oro would forever hold a special place in my pantheon of brand favorites. This may be considered blasphemy by those who know how much I like the Oro, but if the La Nox doesn’t beat out the Oro it at least matches it as my favorite LFD. Here are my thoughts:

1) Great construction, great draw, great burn

2) Stouter cigar, but not overwhelming like some LFD offerings could be

3) I tasted some earthiness, coffee, a cherry like flavor

4) Smoke time was almost two hours

Now to the two questions:

1) Would I smoke it again? Absolutely – I believe these are a continuous limited release and have been selling fast, so grab yours while you can before you have to wait for the next round

2) Would I give it humidor space? Yes – in fact both Drew and I agree that the La Nox is box worthy

Beautiful wrapper and a perfect vitola make this cigar attractive right off the bat. Don’t let the price tag scare you off, the La Nox is a great smoke and fits the medium-full role in your humidor.

1994 by La Flor Dominicana


Price – $8-$9

Strength – Sly (3/4)

Rating – Rambo (7/10)

This cigar was recommended to me by a gentleman at Tobacco Express when I walked in, but I do not know his name. I will get his name next time I see him, but he was a funny, cool, older southside Irish dude who told me to “smoke for Jesus”. After he left, I got to smoke the rest of it with Vincent, who Rommy calls Uncle Vito, a bad ass Chi-Town authentic older Italian gentleman. The second time I smoked this cigar was by myself in my apartment built, ironically, around the time of Jesus.

As much as who you smoke with makes a huge difference in your smoking experience, I’m here to review the cigar, so here we go. Simply put, this is a good cigar. The 1994 kind of reminds me of a hybrid of the maduro by Hollywood Smokes and a less tasty Sarsaparilla that Drew did a review on. It has a beautiful wrapper and good construction, but for some reason I have found the draw to be a little tough on both of the ones I’ve smoked.

This is a smooth, flavorful, medium to full body cigar. I think it’s a border line Demi/Sly for some, but a solid Sly for most. Now for the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I put it in the humidor? Yes, this is what I look for in a go to smoke. It’s relatively inexpensive, great taste, and full body. In fact, I think I’m going to pick up a couple more to throw in the humidor and get some time on them to see how they age.

Although the Oro 6 is my number one LFD, it’s also $5 more per stick. This is a good cigar and a great value, pick a couple up and give them a shot if you see them.

Oro 6 by La Flor Domincana and King T (Maduro) by Arturo Fuente


I wasn’t originally going to do a full blown rating on the Oro, but here we go:

Price – $13

Rating – Rambo IV (9/10)

Strength – Sly (3/4)

So tonight was pretty cool, I’m driving back to the Chicago area and a guy from Cigar Dojo had mentioned Tobacco Express in Homer Glen, IL as having some good cigars. I walk into their humidor and they have quite a selection, very impressive to say the least. All of a sudden I come across the LFD section and there she is, my golden princess, the Oro 6. I have not seen these at any cigar shop since I’ve moved back to Chicago from Tulsa a few months ago. I quickly grab two of them and continue to look around when I came across the King T. I start talking to Jacob about it and he says, “this one is on me, new customer, first purchase gets a cigar on me”. I said no way, but he did it anyway.

I’m excited to smoke the King T which will be a first for me and will eventually do a review. However, we must talk about the Oro, it is an amazing cigar, by far my favorite LFD and a must smoke in my opinion.

I first tried the Oro at Classic Cigar in Tulsa when I moved there back in 2012 and it quickly became my go to cigar. Drew even bought me a box of Oros for my birthday last year and in turn he became a big fan of the cigar as well. It really is an enjoyable smoke, but I will say it is not a light smoke and I definitely recommend a meal before smoking the Oro. Depending on your relative standing versus our standardized scale, I would say this could easily be an Arnold for a lot of people.

One of my complaints on the Oro however is that sometimes if it sits in the tube too long and is not proper humidified, it can dry out and will die out on you multiple times while you’re smoking. Now to answer my two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Any opportunity I can pretty much

Would I give it humidor space? Without a doubt

This is definitely on the more expensive side of what I would call “non-specialty” cigars, but if you can find it, buy it, smoke it, and enjoy my friends.

Between Tobacco Express and Hollywood Smokes, the southwest burbs are well taken care of. Thanks Jacob!