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Black Label by La Palina


Rating – (6) Sabotage
Strength – (2-3) Demi
Vitola – Toro
Price – $12.25
Drink – Dr. Pepper


This cigar was recommened to me by Mike at a local shop here in Tulsa. Me, my wife Ameber and our friend Brandy went out for drinks and a cigar and we met Mike in the process. I honestly have never heard of this cigar and Mike told me that it would be on the stronger side of things, now I have learned that when other people tell me this, due to what I like to smoke, that it will probably not be as strong as they say it will be, and this one is no different. Don’t get me wrong this was a great cigar but for me could still use some more to it. The flavor was great, draw was excellent, once again for the price I would rather have something else. For me once you get over the $10 range for a cigar it had better be really really good. This would be a great $8 cigar for me. I would like to try some others from this line as well but probably won’t buy this one again. Thank you Mike for recommending this cigar good to meet you man.