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Sarsaparilla by La Zona Factory for (Cigar Dojo)


Rating – Expendables (8/9)
Strength – Sly to Arnold (3/4)
Price – bundles of 10 for $79
Drink – Dr. Pepper


I would like to start off with a little history on this cigar. This one is made for the cigar app Cigar Dojo. Only 1,000 bundles of 10 were produced and only available at Famous Smoke Shop. This cigar was very flavorful and kept my attention the whole time. I have said it before but if you can smoke a cigar all the way until it is burning your fingers and you still don’t want to put it out, then its a good cigar. I don’t smoke many cigars past the point of the band but this one deffinatly does it for me. These are only going to get better with a little rest in a humidor for sure. Buy them while you can guys cause they won’t be around much longer.

So Mo likes to ask 2 questions 1 would I smoke it again and would I give it humidor space, yes and I picked up 3 bundles already and have more on the way so yes.

Buy these now before they are gone!