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Limited Edition 2015 5th Anniversary by My Father Cigars


Price – $23

Beverage – Coffee w/cream and water

Size – Toro (6 1/2 x 52)

Strength – Demi/Sly (2.5/4)

Rating – Rocky IV (9/10)


Wrapper – Ecuadorian Habano Rosado

Binder/Filler – Nicaraguan

The first thing you will notice when coming across the My Father 5th Anniversary is the beautiful box that houses the coffins that the cigars come in. Here are my thoughts:

1) Great construction, even burn, perfect draw. My only complaint is that out of the three I’ve smoked, two of them needed quite a bit of attention in order to keep them lit. As a disclaimer though, I more or less nursed these cigars and did not power through them.

2) Solid medium-full on the strength scale, most seasoned smokers should be able to enjoy these without a problem.

3) One can expect creaminess, some wood flavor, a little mocha, and some pepper. I also found the cigar to have some earthiness to it at points during the smoke.

4) On average, my smoke time was 1 hour and 45 minutes

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Yes and I’m calling the 5th Anniversary box worthy

As any cigar smoker knows, presentation can only take you so far and the cigar better be damn good to command a $20+ price tag. Not only did I purchase a box of these, it is also my 2015 cigar of the year. The 2015 is also what I call a “growth stock” cigar. If history is any indication, we must look at this cigar through the lens of past My Father/Don Pepin LE cigars. In other words, this cigar is almost guaranteed to get better with time and in two years they will be far more expensive on the secondary market than their current $23 price tag. I decided to buy at $23, rather than take a chance and want these two years later only to pay $40+/cigar. If you are a My Father fan, I recommend you do the same.

Until next time friends!

Oro de Nicaragua by My Father


I was at the Cigar Dojo Ninja HERF last night at Casa de Montecristo and bought a box of the Oro de Nicaragua. We know that most people have a budget when it comes to spending money on cigars so I just wanted everyone to know that when we say something is box worthy, we really mean what we say. If you think a box of cigars might be a little out of your personal price range, don’t be shy to do a box split with a friend or two, Drew and I do that all the time. We realize our reviews may not be the most in depth on the internet, but we’re more focused on helping our readers maximize their money and think through choices, more of a functional review style if you will. If anyone has any questions prior to purchasing a box of cigars, e-mail us or hit us up on Twitter for our thoughts.


El Centurion by My Father (Don Pepin Garcia)


Price – $8
Beverage – Dr. Pepper
Size – Belicoso (5.5 X 54)
Strength – Demi (2/4)
Rating – Bullet to the Head (5/10)

To our valued readers, it is no secret that we are fans of My Father and Pepin cigars. This was my first time with the El Centurion and here are my thoughts:

1) Solid construction, didn’t need any touch ups on the burn. I found the draw to be a little tight.

2) The Centurion is billed as a medium-full stick, but for me it smoked more like a medium body so I’m calling it a Demi.

3) Had a peppery flavor to it

4) My smoke time was about 50 minutes

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? No

Would I give it humidor space? No

I was really looking forward to this cigar and was left a little disappointed. I found it lacking the burst of flavor typically associated with My Father cigars. It’s not a bad cigar, but it’s not above average in my opinion. The Centurion comes at an attractive price point of $8, but with the recent increase in competition at that price level there are other cigars I would choose in its stead. I would suggest the AJ Fernandez New World ($6), the AJ Fernandez San Lotano Bull ($8), both of which I recently reviewed. Additionally, if you wanted to keep it My Father I’d go with the La Flor de Antilles ($8) or La Antiguedad ($9). I know this cigar has its fans, but I just didn’t get the same enjoyment unfortunately.

Oro de Nicaragua by My Father


Price – $10 (I think, I really need to pay more attention, I lose myself when I’m in Casa de Montecristo)

Beverage – Dr. Pepper

Vitola – Torpedo (6 X 52)

Strength – Demi (2/4)

Rating – Rocky IV (9/10)

So the weather in Chicago sucks, the Bears haven’t won a Super Bowl since I was in diapers, and the Cubs haven’t won a World Series since the Teddy Roosevelt administration (good thing I’m a Sox fan). However, one of the perks to living here is having Casa de Montecristo in Countryside, a Mecca for cigar geeks like me. This “Gold of Nicaragua” is exclusive to Casa and here are my thoughts:

1) Excellent construction, great draw, smoke bomb

2) Wonderful taste, super smooth, has a little sweetness to it. Pretty much a better tasting La Flor de Antilles. This is now my favorite My Father stick, dethroning the La Flor de Antilles so my rankings are now: Oro de Nicaragua, LFDA, and La Antiguedad.

3) Solid Demi, possibly even a low level Sly for some smokers in terms of strength.

4) Smoke time was about 1 hour for me

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Yes, I actually have a robusto resting in mine. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a box worthy cigar in my opinion and should get humidor real estate ownership status.

I smoked the Oro de Nicaragua until it almost burnt my fingers. This is a great stick at a very good price and should be in the wheelhouse for any medium-full body cigar smoker. If you’re a My Father fan like me, the Oro needs to be a staple as you’re looking to build a championship level cigar rotation.

Connecticut (Toro Gordo) by My Father Cigars


Price – $10

Strength – Bruce (1/4)

Rating – Rambo (7/10)

It’s late Saturday night at Hollywood Smokes, I’m on round four for the day and I just want a light cigar to cap my night off. I had seen some of the Dojo boys firing these up and since I’m a My Father fan I figured let’s do it.

So I fire this thing up and everyone around me drops their cigars and hookahs, dash for the exit and head towards their respective houses of worship expecting the Apocalypse since I fired up a Connecticut wrapper cigar. Ok so that didn’t really happen, but it is very rare that I smoke a cigar on the medium body side and even Hassan was surprised when he saw me smoking this.

I really enjoyed this cigar, it’s smooth, flavorful, and well constructed like all My Father cigars are and was the perfect night cap for me. If you’re new to cigar smoking and building your taste buds, not a bad place to start at all or looking for a smooth light night cap. The Connecticut obviously is also on the light side, it’s a Bruce for me, but maybe a Demi for some, depending on your strength tolerance levels. Now for the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Not at this point, this would be a smoke at the cigar shop stick for me.

Bottom line, very smooth, light and enjoyable smoke. If a full body stalwart guy like me can switch gears and enjoy this smoke, I’m confident anyone can.

Also, wanted to give a shout out to my boy PNW from Cigar Dojo, you’re the man and thanks for reading our blog!

Le Bijou 1922 by My Father Cigars



Price – $10 – Toro, $13 – Churchill

Strength – Demi (2/4)

Rating – Rambo

Ok guys, this is an instance of sometimes you just have to try something more than once to truly appreciate it, similar to what I often have to tell people in reference to my sense of humor. Anyway, I first picked up the Churchill at Casa de Monte Cristo a couple weeks back and put it on “to the smoke” list. I smoked the Toro at Hollywood Smokes this past weekend with Hussein, my brother Mike, and our guy Shea.

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I thoroughly enjoy My Father cigars, particularly when I want something mild and smooth. I first take note of the dark colored, beautiful wrapper and am like huh, it’s not really like any other My Father cigars I’ve smoked. This cigar is billed as a medium to full body cigar and this is one of those times when everything is relative on the strength scale. For me personally, this is a medium cigar, but I can see how for some smokers it could be more of a full body smoke.

So when I first fired this thing up, I was unimpressed and didn’t think much of it, really all the way until the last quarter of the Toro, where I started to think wait a minute we might have something here. My brothers on Cigar Dojo have said good things about this cigar, and those guys have good taste so I thought I better smoke the Churchill before making any judgments (I’m actually smoking the Churchill as I write this).

Here’s my final take: This is a medium body, somewhat spicy, well constructed, and beautifully wrapped cigar. It is not like any other My Father that I have personally smoked (and quite frankly, neither is the price tag), but it’s still pretty darn good. So now for the two questions:

Would I smoke this again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? I’m torn on this one, I like the cigar, but not a fan of the price tag in comparison to other My Father cigars that I like a little bit better. I think this will remain a “I’ll buy it and smoke it either at the cigar shop or shortly thereafter” so I would not give it long term humidor space at this point.

For our non-French speaking readers, Le Bijou translates to “The Jewel” and I can see how people can think that. It’s smoother than some of the other offerings at this strength level and definitely worth a shot.

Also, don’t forget to join us for Opus X Tuesday to usher in the DVD release of the Expendables 3.

Until next time my Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf – Mo

La Antiguedad by My Father

Cigar: La Antiguedad by My Father

Drink: Chocolate Milk (Hershey’s Syrup)

Price: $9.50

Cigar Rating: Rambo

Mo – The first thing you’re probably thinking is wait, he’s drinking chocolate milk with his cigar? The answer is yes, as a non- drinker I am always trying different drinks with my cigars to find a nice pairing. On lifting days where I smoke after my workout, I will do so with a protein shake, I know it’s weird, but man it is good! Other times I might pair with red bull, coffee, or one of my all time favorites, a 7-eleven slushy.


When drinking chocolate milk with the La Antiguedad, the chocolate milk gets almost a peanut buttery flavor to it, very interesting. This cigar will probably run you anywhere from $8.50-$10, depending on where you buy it. It’s a cigar that packs a little punch and for the price point, and I think Drew will agree is a hell of cigar. If this cigar was say $12 would I buy it? Probably not, but if you’re looking for a somewhat economical middle of the road spicy cigar, you really can’t go wrong here. Drew has smoked