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Cain Maduro by Oliva


Price – Submitted for review by Famous Smoke Shop (5 pack for $28.99 or $5.80/stick at Famous)
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Beverage – Red Bull and Bottled Water
Size – Robusto (5 3/4 X 50)
Strength – Sly (3/4)
Rating – Sabotage (6/10)

Wrapper – Mexico
Binder/Filler – Nicaraguan

It’s been a little while since I’ve smoked an Oliva so I was pretty excited to try out the Cain maduro. Here are my thoughts:

1) Excellent construction, burn, and draw.

2) I think a lot of smokers will find this to be a rather stout cigar so I’m going with a Sly rating.

3) I found the Oliva to have a wood like flavor, a little hint of cinnamon, and a very meaty almost BBQ type taste.

4) My smoke time was one hour and twenty minutes.

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Yes

When I first fired up the Cain, I expected it to take that turn of tasting like an EP Carrillo maduro or the Fuente Double Chateau maduro. Both of those cigars have that sweet, almost licorice like taste to them. The Cain however, ended up not going down that path, and had more of a subdued undertone of sweetness with the hints of cinnamon. I found the meat flavor to be most prevalent, particularly as the cigar progressed. With that said, at under $6/stick this cigar is perfect for when you want a stouter cigar and don’t want to break the bank and one I would smoke again based on my taste preferences.

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Rating – (6) Sabotage
Strength – (3) Sly
Vitola – 6 x 50 Toro
Price – $4.95 at Famous Smoke Shop
Wrapper – Nicaraguan Habano
Binder – Nicaraguan
Filler – Nicaraguan
Drink – Dr. Pepper

Famous Smoke sent us these over to try out, great cigar for the money that’s for sure. I sat down at Casa de la Brandt and fired this one up. Hung out and chatted the evening away. This cigar went great with my Dr. Pepper, I know most people will make fun of that, but a nice thick flavorful cigar go really well with Dr. Pepper and it really does help bring out all those extra flavors from the cigar. For most people this is going to be a (4) on our strength scale so if your looking for something a bit stronger pick up a few of these. Oliva makes some awesome cigars that I feel like get over looked a lot of times.

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Serie G Maduro by Oliva


Rating – (7) Rambo
Strength – (2-3) Demi
Vitola – 5.5×54 Perfecto
Price – $5-6
Drink – Dr. Pepper slushy


This cigar is one of my all time favorite quick/value smokes. I actually picked this one up from Oliva’s rep at an event about a year ago. This size is so hard to find and I love it. There arnt any local shops that carry it at all. Now I also must say that the Dr. Pepper slushy also makes this cigar so much better for all the non-drinkers out there this is where its at. Get some of these if you can, they have an excelent burn, fantastic draw and always consistent. This cigar is more on the mild side of strong with some amazing flavors to it.

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Series V Melanio by Olivia

This post is coming from our first ever special guest reviewer Amber the Sultana of Smoke (Drew’s wife) This is also Cigar Aficionados cigar of the year 2014.

Amber Sultana

Cigar: Olivia Series V Melanio
Meal: Rueben from Interurban with a diet Dr. Pepper
Drinks while smoking: Sparkling white wine with cranberry and a White Russian 
Rating: (7) Rambo 
Strength: (2-3) Demi

Brandy and Amber

I know little about cigar lingo, so bare with me. I’m not a cigar virgin, however. I have been knocked on my ass a few times in fact..just ask Drew and Mo. My goal with this review is to help the women who find themselves in a cigar bar after a dinner date or in my case, every weekend night and some nights in between. I know these places can make a girl feel foreign and out of place. You may find yourself sitting in a group of men speaking of “robust flavors” and “slight undertones” and when you walk into the humidor you will probably become overwhelmed and walk straight to the novelty fruity cigars. Don’t…I know they sound delicious with labels reading “vanilla” “chocolate” and “cherry”. Those delicious flavors are dissolved from the wrapper in the first couple of puffs and you are left with a bitter taste in your mouth for the remaining smoke. I have spent enough time in a cigar bar now, that I have been coaxed into branching out and smoking “real cigars” and unexpectedly , I have been pleasantly surprised. 


Tonight I will review the box pressed version of the cigar of the year, the Oliva series V Melanio. I prefer box pressed just because I do. I like how they look and feel. I also prefer to punch instead of cut to keep the loose tobacco from falling into my mouth. I feel like I would have enjoyed this cigar a lot more with a coffee. I had a sweet white sparkling wine with cranberry which may have stole some of the flavor thunder from this cigar. It’s wrapped in a lighter wrapper with a pretty label. It looked like chocolate and I didn’t have dessert, so I grabbed it. It started off a little strong and mellowed out about 1/4 of the way in. It wasn’t real flavorful, but I enjoyed its mild taste throughout the smoke and it didn’t leave an unpleasant taste in my mouth. It got a little strong towards the end, but I didn’t give it any rest, so it may have just needed time to cool down. I switched to a White Russian towards the end and the taste improved exponentially. I would say this is a safe cigar for newbies and enjoyable to veterans as well. I will smoke this one again…it may be one of my new go-to cigars when I’m not in the risky mood. 

Oliva Serie V Melanio by Oliva


Price – Compliments of Drew (Normally $14-$15)

Strength – Demi (2/4)

Rating – Expendables (8/10)

With the ever increasing presence of social media and the constant in your face advertising, the world has become full of hype. I mean, if Kim Kardashian could be a millionaire and contribute absolutely nothing to anyone or anything, there’s certainly a glaring lack of substance behind a lot of what we’re fed each day. However, I digress, the Melanio was rated as the number one cigar of 2014 by Cigar Aficionado magazine so there’s plenty of hype surrounding this cigar. I gotta be honest here, I was extremely skeptical, and quite frankly still am, of any list that puts a Rocky Patel cigar over an Opus X (Opus at #6, the Patel Royale came in at #5), that’s like saying a Toyota Prius out handles a Porsche 911, however Drew and I thought this cigar needed to be reviewed.

I don’t know if the Melanio is number one, I don’t take it over the Liga No. 9 which came in at, wait for it….#20 (are you kidding me?) and there’s definitely not a snowball’s chance in hell I take it over an Opus, but this really is a good cigar and does certainly deserve a high ranking. Here are my thoughts:

1) Very smooth cigar, great transitions and good flavor complexity. Much smoother and tastier than the regular Serie V by Oliva.

2) Whereas the other Serie V I reviewed was rather strong, I found the Melanio to be more of a medium body, I think it’s a solid Demi.

3) I’m not crazy about the price point, but it’s not far off for what you’re getting. I like it at $14, I’d love it at $10-$12.

Now for the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Yes, in fact I bought a Melanio maduro to tuck away and try out.

Is this really the best cigar of 2014? That is highly highly debatable, what isn’t debatable is that this is truly a good cigar. If you don’t mind a splurge, I recommend giving one of these a shot, if for no other reason to at least say you tried Cigar Aficionado’s number one cigar of 2014.

Serie V (Torpedo) by Oliva


Price – Compliments of Drew (I think normally around $10)

Strength – Sly (3/4)

Rating – Sabotage (6/10)

Over the past couple weeks, Drew and I have both made concerted efforts to step out and try new brands, new cigars, and new strength levels as we try to cast as wide of a net as we can for our readers. With that being said, this was not only my first Serie V, but my first Oliva as well so I went into this with an open mind and zero expectations.

Starting off and really up until the halfway point, I didn’t think much of this cigar. Quite frankly, I found it rather bland, but I got a little past the half way mark and this thing started to get pretty good. The full body was evident throughout, but I feel like it picked up the further I got into it along with the flavor. This is definitely a strong stick and for folks who don’t normally smoke full body cigars, this could be an Arnold. Now to our questions:

Would I smoke this again? Honestly, probably not

Would I give it humidor space? No

Don’t get me wrong, this is not by any means a bad cigar, it finished strong and with lots of flavor. However, for my personal taste, there are too many better full body choices that I would rather smoke and keep stocked.

Our buddy Brock has asked us to review the Cellar Reserve by Guhrka, once I can find it, I will smoke and review it. Drew and I are always looking to new ideas, so if anyone else has any suggestions, please let us know!