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Black Label (Magnifico) by Partagas


Price – Compliments of my brother Mike (Under $6/stick @ Famous Smoke Shop)

Beverage – Chocolate Milkshake

Strength – Sly (3/4)

Rating – Rambo (7/10)

It’s Friday night, at Hollywood Smokes with my brother Big Mike, Shea, Nicky Boy, Hassan and Hussein hanging out smoking and solving the world’s problems. My brother Mike had bought a sampler pack of Partagas and I chose this bad boy.

My thoughts on the Black Label:

1) Excellent construction, great draw and burn

2) Beautiful, dark, oily wrapper

3) This is a strong stick, solid Sly in my opinion

4) Great price point, hard to find a better value for a full body, hard hitting stick.

The Two Questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Yes, I actually have one sitting in the humidor right now that I haven’t smoked yet and I would add more

I’m usually skeptical of the non-Cuban versions of historically Cuban brands and often with good reason. The non-Cuban versions of the Cohibas, Romeos, and Montecristos are nothing like their Cuban counterparts in construction or taste. However, this Partagas felt and smoked like a much more expensive cigar and although not on the level of its Cuban brethren, it does not give shame to the Partagas label. The biggest factor hurting the rating on this cigar is a lack of flavor transition as it’s just a straight heavy hitter all the way through. I’m coming up empty on what to compare it to, but it’s almost like a smoother version of the La Gloria Serie R maduro at half the price. If you’re looking for a cost effective, no holds barred full body cigar, the Black Label delivers.

Buy the Black Label Partagas here!

Quick Hitter Review – 3 Cigar Night

Last night was what I call my “tv night”. Bulls game started at 7, Sleepy Hollow was at 8, The Blacklist at 9 and well gee that means Mo has to smoke something! Without further ado, here’s what I fired up last night:

We kicked it off with a Nica Rustica by Drew Estate, for the love of God if you haven’t smoked one of these please do. I’ve seen them as cheap as $6.80 and you can’t find a better cigar in that price range. Be warned though, it is a strong cigar and it is very very smokey (no pun intended). Rating – Expendables

Next, we went to the Antano Dark Corojo by Joya de Nicaragua. This is one of my favorite “under the radar” cigars that nobody really talks about. Full body, not as potent as the Nica, but it packs a punch. Another one of those if you haven’t tried it, I’d try it cigars and will run you about $9-10. Rating – Sabotage


We (and when I saw “we”, I really mean me since I was smoking by myself in my 350 year old apartment) wrapped up the night with one of my personal favorites, the Series D No. 4 by Partagas (Cuba). There’s really not much I can say here other than if you can find one of these, please make sure to smoke it, regardless of price, your taste buds will love you. It’s a smooth, and compared to the other two I smoked during the night, a milder cigar. Rating – Escape Plan