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Orchant by Regius


Price – $9.95 at Casa de Montecristo (Countryside, IL)
Beverage – Coca-Cola
Strength – Demi (2/4)
Size – Robusto (4 3/4 X 52)
Rating – Rambo (7/10)

Wrapper/Filler/Binder – Nicaraguan

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Regius line of cigars, particularly the Red Label Exclusivo USA line. I have recently begun to dabble in the black and white label sticks on a more consistent basis. Here are my thoughts on the Orchant:

1) Good construction, good burn, easy draw

2) Medium body cigar overall, but it does seem to pick up strength the further you get along. I’d call it solid to upper level Demi.

3) I found the Orchant to be a creamy and peppery smoke

4) My smoke time was 55 minutes

Now to the two questions:

1) Would I smoke it again? Yes

2) Would I give it humidor space? Yes, I currently have a couple in my humidor

As our regular readers know, we are big on role players for our humidor. I’m always on the lookout for good smokes that are quick and can deliver in a time crunch and the Orchant does just that. Although I’m not crazy about the price point on this cigar, it is good and it is worth keeping a few around. I would recommend it without hesitation as a good medium peppery cigar.

Claro Especial Exclusivo (White Label) Fat Perfecto by Regius


Price – Compliments of Sam at Casa de Montecristo in Countryside, IL, thanks brother! (Price tag $12)
Beverage – Dunkin Donuts Coffee w/Cream and Sugar
Size – Perfecto (5 3/4 X 60 X 54)
Strength – Demi (2/4)
Rating – Expendables (8/10)

I’ve been smoking the Red Label Regius cigars pretty consistently the last few months with some Black Label mixed in for good measure. This was my first foray into the White Label and here are my thoughts:

1) Excellent construction, great burn, easy draw with tons of smoke.

2) Solid medium body stick, calling it a Demi. I found the white label to smoke similar to the Red Label, however found it less spicy and more smooth.

3) As stated above, I felt this was very similar to the Red Label with a little less kick. The White Label still had a little pepper to it and some floral type notes as well.

4) My smoke time was 55 minutes

Now to the two questions:

1) Would I smoke it again? Yes

2) Would I give it humidor space? Yes

The Regius cigars continue to impress me and if you haven’t smoked them yet, I encourage you to change that situation quickly. I still am calling the Red Label box pressed perfecto my favorite of the bunch, but the rest have been great smokes as well. If you see these, smoke them and pick some up to stash away. Thanks again Sam, really enjoyed this cigar!

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Red Label Box Pressed Perfecto by Regius


Price – $12
Beverage – Bottled Water
Size – Perfecto (6 1/2 X 56)
Strength – Demi (2/4)
Rating – Expendables (8/10)

Picked this stick up on one of my visits to Casa de Montecristo on a recommendation by my boy Omar and here are my thoughts:

1) Awesome shape and size, I’m really starting to dig these box pressed cigars. Excellent draw and burn, borderline smoke stack.

2) Solid Demi strength wise and found this stick to be more mellow and have less kick than the fat perfecto.

3) This is a creamy smoke

4) Smoke time was a little over an hour

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke this again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Yes – I’ve now smoked the fat perfecto, toro, and the box pressed perfecto and have enjoyed all three. Of the three, I enjoyed this one the most and this is the one I would put in my humidor if I had to choose. If you don’t have to choose, then all three should have some space to change things up.

Although I think you can find comparable cigars at a cheaper price point, there was something about this cigar that made me not want to put it down. If you like the AJ Fernandez New World or My Father La Flor de Antilles, I truly believe you will like the box pressed perfecto. With that in mind, these are really good and worth purchasing and keeping around.

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Black Label Gran Toro by Regius


Price – $11 (I think)

Beverage – Coke

Strength – Bruce (1/4)

Rating – Rambo (7/10)

This is what I call a change of pace cigar, I have been smoking quite a bit of full body stuff recently and was looking for something a little lighter.

When I fired this up my taste buds wanted to compare this to the Perdomo I reviewed not too long ago which was a decent stick at $8, but I was like I did not pay $11 for a Perdomo twin. However, this thing really got smooth about a quarter of the way in and started to take on the Cubanesque qualities that Regius touts its cigars to have. The Gran Toro continued smoothly and when I got about two-thirds of the way it started to have a subtle sweetness to it which I thought kind of hit me out of nowhere. Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke this again? Yes

Would I give it humidor space? Yes, I’d keep one around, this is a perfect change of pace cigar for a predominantly full-body cigar guy like myself.

This is a nice mild to medium body smoke that got better the further along I went. There’s characteristics to it that really remind me of the La Flor Antilles by My Father which is one of my favorite medium body go to cigars. If you see one of these give them a shot, they are solid cigars.

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Exclusivo U.S.A. (Fat Perfecto) – by Regius

Price – I think $11 or $12

Beverage – Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee w/Cream

Rating – Expendables


As part of my cigar shopping spree this weekend I decided to give Regius cigars a second whirl (actually a second and third because I bought another one in case I liked the one above). After finishing the first Regius I ever had a couple months ago, I wasn’t sure what to think and Omar at Casa de Montecristo had mentioned giving it another shot, so I figured why not.

This brand of cigars was first launched in the U.S. at a dinner that Casa had sometime earlier this year. My understanding, and if anyone knows differently can correct me, but I believe that Sam at Casa had a hand in the blend used in this cigar.

With regards to the cigar, I was left a lot more impressed the second time around, this is a good cigar. I’d like it a lot better at $9, but it’s not bad at $12. It’s closer to full body than medium and a very spicy cigar in my opinion. I feel that this is a good cigar to keep in the humidor as a “smoking cigar”, meaning you buy them and smoke them versus aging them.

To answer my questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes, might buy another one or two this weekend

Would I give it humidor space? Yes, in fact I have another one waiting to be smoked

Bottom line, this is a good cigar and definitely worth smoking.