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Evolution by Rocky Patel


Price – $5.16/stick @ Famous Smoke Shop

Beverage – Dunkin Donuts coffee w/cream and sugar

Strength – Demi (2/4)

Rating – Rambo (7/10)

Back of the baseball card information:

Size: 6 1/2 x 52

Country of Origin: Honduras

Wrapper Color: Maduro

Wrapper Origin: Ecuadorian

Wrapper Leaf Type: Sumatra

My favorite Patel cigar up to this point has always been the Bold by Nish Patel which I found to fit my flavor profile the best. However, after smoking this Evolution, the Bold might have itself a little competition. Here are my thoughts:

1) I’ve read that guys have had draw and burn issues, but I did not experience either problem. I found the Evolution to have a good burn with an easy draw.

2) This is billed as a full body cigar, but I think it’s more of a medium body so I’m sticking with a solid Demi rating. Even if you typically smoke milder cigars, I think you’ll be alright making a jump to the Evolution.

3) I thought the first half of the cigar was ok, but about half way through I really started to enjoy the Evolution and was impressed by the variety of flavors and smoothness.

4) This is not a quick smoke and I could not believe how long this stick lasted. It took me about an hour and ten minutes to get through it and I was hardly nursing it. I suggest having ample time to smoke before firing up the Evolution.

The two main questions:

Would I smoke this again? Yes, the Evolution is $5.16/stick at Famous, yes you read that correctly. This easily could be a $7-$8 cigar and the value took it from a Sabotage rating to a Rambo.

Would I give it humidor space? Yes, but I’d give it renter status. As I’ve stated before it’s always good to have cost effective options for a go-to smoke and this cigar definitely fits the bill. This is also a great stick to have around for your buddies that come over who don’t normally smoke cigars and you want to give them something good without breaking the bank.

As our readers know, we are huge on maximizing our money and helping you do the same by recommending the best possible sticks at various price levels. Comparison wise, the Evolution is less tasty than a Havana VI by Tatuaje, but better tasting than a Drew Estate Uzi. At $5.16/cigar you really can’t go wrong here. Great value for a solid smoke.


You can purchase the Evolution at Famous Smoke Shop by clicking here!

Edge Lite by Rocky Patel


Price – Compliments of Drew (Typically $8)

Strength – Bruce (1/4)

Rating – Sabotage (6/10)

This cigar was gifted to me by Drew in his attempts to do two things: 1) Make humidor space, so this got evicted and 2) Get me to smoke stuff I’d never buy myself. I had zero expectations going into this cigar, but was pleasantly surprised, here’s what I thought:

1) It’s nicely presented in a Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper with a little bit of a sweet taste to it. The Lite, similar to the Perdomo reminds me of something I would smoke when I first got into cigars.

2) This is a very mild cigar and I would imagine that this would be a Bruce for most cigar smokers, possibly a low level Demi for a few, newer cigar world entrants.

3) It’s a nice option for folks looking to build their palate.

Now to the two questions:

Would I smoke it again? Yes – If I’m in the mood for something mild, this is a nice low cost option to cap or start an evening with.

Would I give it humidor space? No – This would be an in store smoke for me.

I really had to step out of my normal taste preferences to appreciate this cigar. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed smoking it and made for a nice pre-dinner stick. The cigar offers a pretty tasty mild smoke at a reasonable price point. If you’re a newer cigar smoker and continuing to build your strength tolerance and taste preferences, this is not a bad one to try.

Super Ligero by Rocky Patel


Rating – (6) Sabotage
Strength – (2-3) Demi
Price – $5.90 (gift from Big Jim)
Drink – Dr. Pepper


This cigar was given to me by our friend Big Jim. He stated that it was one of his favorites right now and I should give it a try. The cigar is very smooth has some pretty good flavors to it, it just isn’t in my strength spectrum. Very good cigar and I would defiantly recommend it to other people. I will say that it started with a bit of a tight draw that did get way better about a quarter into it. For the price I would like to say I probably will smoke these again sometime and I might keep them in my humidor as well. These would be a good quick some or something to give a friend that doesn’t know what he likes to smoke yet.