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The Rebel by Teto 27


Rating – (8) Expendables
Strength – (2) Demi
Vitola – The Rebel
Price – 25 for $69.95
Drink – Dr. Pepper slushy


Wow is all I have to say about this cigar, this is a new company out of Connecticut by a man named W.Anthony Teto. I fired up one today to see what they are all about and what really shocked me was finding out they cost less then $3 a stick, that’s the greatest thing ever. The cigar itself looks great, it has a nice light Connecticut wrapper on it, excellent cut and draw to it wonderful mild smoke, it has a smooth and very subtle flavor to it. I would call this a breakfast cigar for me, it’s very light and won’t mess the day up for you. Would I smoke this again? Absolutely I would this bad boy is already taking up some space in the humidor, and I am going to go a step farther and say that this one is definitely box worthy. This cigar should definitely be sitting around for when you need a mild change.

Check out Teto 27 here!