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    1. Plume is the oils within a cigar surfacing and crystallizing. Oils tend to do this in a uniform fashion. Since it is a crystal and it is uniform over the entire wrapper it will uniformly sparkle gently. Mold will be fuzzy and not uniform. Easiest way is to look up pics of both. Plume is good mood is bad.

  1. Hey guys, I have a question for the pod cast. Couple of friends and I were having a discussion on how you decide on a new cigar to purchase and/or try. For example, will you order it online based on other people descriptions or the online description itself, or do you prefer to go to the cigar shop and see, touch, feel, etc before buying. I’m still learning myself, so I have no problem ordering online, but my friends prefer to buy in store. How do you guys go about it now or how did you go about it when you first started smoking?

  2. Guys, username on instagram and cigarnoise is Maclesbo. was looking and trying to find a decent forum in the uk but everyone i have seen is just guys in tux’s smoking cigars. As you probably dont silly yoursels this side of the pond with its backwards cigar culture. Do you have any idea if any of the uk Forums are good?

    1. Man, I’d love to be able to give you some ideas. Unfortunately, I will have to instead plead ignorance my friend as I don’t know much about the UK cigar scene. My only piece of advice for non-US smokers is don’t get married to Cuban cigars, keep trying new stuff! Thank you for your support for the blog and podcast! – Mo

  3. Good afternoon, thank you for the great review on your website. I did want to make a correction though…not sure where the price for the cigar came from but a short perfecto has a suggested retail price of $7.50, not $10.50, that would be for a full perfecto which is a larger cigar…..

    -Nate Edwards
    Illustrious Goodfellas LLC

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